Police rage at Harry as they order him to ‘stop slagging off’ William and Charles


The Bromsgrove Police Safer Neighbourhoods team suggested: “Maybe stop slagging them off??”

The team responded to his comments: “Maybe stop slagging them off??”

To no surprise, the tweet was taken down hastily after it was posted on January 3 at 10:58pm.

Despite the speedy axing, the good people of Twitter were faster still, liking and retweeting the post thousands of times.

Prince Harry

The account shared their thoughts on Twitter (Image: SWNS)

Prince Harry

The force appear not to be the biggest fans of Harry (Image: SWNS)

Harry spat ‘harsh’ and ‘cruel’ words at Meghan in fiery argument

Prince Harry has revealed a furious argument between him and Meghan in which he “snapped at her” and spoke “cruelly”, to which the Duchess responded by urging him to seek therapy. In his memoir Spare, the Duke of Sussex described the conversation in which he “became touchy. Then angry”.

The post also sparked debate among users, with some slamming the police for their comments on the situation.

One person told them they should focus on “catching criminals” rather than giving their opinion on the Harry spectacle.

But others were pleased to see the comments.

“Fair play to police for saying exactly what everyone in Britain is thinking. Shut your gob Harold!” said one user.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert...

Harry implied he wanted to reunite with his father and brother (Image: Getty)

A third wrote: “Harry should get back to being the dimwit we all knew and tolerated while police should get back to failing to investigate burglaries and muggings.”

A fourth chipped in: “Maybe cops should spend more time catching criminals than trolling over-privileged poshos trying to flog a crap book?”

In a tweet, West Mercia Police have since released a statement condemning the post.

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - January 09, 2023

Prince Harry is currently promoting his new book Spare (Image: Getty)

The force commented: “We’re aware of a tweet which was sent in error from a force account this morning.

“While this was unprofessional and is not what we expect from our officers, we are satisfied that this was a genuine mistake and no further action will be taken.”


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