Paul O’Grady warned Meghan Markle against ‘really riling’ Queen with Americanisms


PAUL O’GRADY warned Meghan Markle about a few faux pas that would “really rile” the Queen and one point she should “always remember”.

The comedy legend, who famously brought his drag character Lily Savage to TV audiences, previously praised Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

He felt she showed “a lot of guts” to take such a prominent part in royal life since her relationship with Prince Charles was taken public in the late Nineties.

O’Grady argued that she “could have sat there watching daytime telly” rather than carrying out duties on behalf of the Firm.

Last year, Savoy Stuart reported that Camilla carried out 81 engagements last year – despite restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

O’Grady admitted he was “very fond” of Charles’ wife and first met her when he played the Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in 2002.

In a 2017 Mirror article, he recalled one performance when the “car broke down” and he was instructed to race up to the green room to “Say hello”.

Despite being dressed as the character “with the nose and the ears and the chin” on, he remembered Camilla being “so easy to talk to”.

paul o'grady meghan markle queen royal family tv

Paul O’Grady has spent around three decades on TV screens including on Blind Date and Blankety Blank (Image: GETTY)

They both also share an interest in animal welfare, which he claimed she was “passionate about” and he “really respected” for it.

In a column after Meghan and Prince Harry’s wedding in 2018, he gave some advice to the former Suits actress.

O’Grady believed he could help the US star find common ground with the Queen and also listed a few things she should avoid.

paul o'grady meghan markle queen royal family tv

Paul O’Grady has met Royal Family members a number of times – and bonded with them over animals (Image: GETTY)

In the TV Times, he claimed Her Majesty was “easy to get on with” and noted that she “likes a good laugh”.

However, the star said she was a “straight-talking” person and so above all things, Meghan had to “be totally honest with her”.

O’Grady explained that she should “try to avoid too many Americanisms” and that non-UK words could cause a divide between them.

He wrote: “Always remember to say ‘lavatory’, not ‘bathroom’, otherwise you will really rile her!”

paul o'grady meghan markle queen royal family tv

Paul O’Grady admitted he was a big fan of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, and Her Majesty (Image: GETTY)

Similarly to Camilla, he believed she should develop an interest in animals – especially horses.

Meghan had already adopted her rescue dog Bogart by that point after being advised it was a good idea by US stars Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey.

O’Grady felt she should “become a horsewoman” if she could because “that family loves horses”.

He explained that “land and animals” was “what the Queen likes talking about” and little else.

He described Meghan and Harry as “a perfect couple” with a “lovely marriage” ahead of them.

One thing he did warn though was not to “start letting outside influences affect” them.

Whether or not Meghan and Harry took heed of the advice is up for debate.

paul o'grady meghan markle queen royal family tv

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey was watched by more than 49 million (Image: GETTY)

Last year, the Sussexes waged war on the media by banning UK tabloid newspapers from their lives.

They also requested for their privacy to be respected before moving to the US.

Last month, some branded their demand for less publicity and to stay out of the limelight hypocritical due to remaining in the public eye.

It was argued after their interview with Oprah, who BBC veteran John Humphrys called “the most famous TV celebrity on the planet” in a Daily Mail column.

paul o'grady meghan markle queen royal family tv

Paul O’Grady was a close friend of the late TV presenter Cilla Black (Image: GETTY)

Their tell-all was watched by more than 49.1 million people worldwide, according to CBS, who broadcasted the show.

Meghan and Harry have also brokered deals with Netflix and Spotify, which could be worth as much as £168million collectively.

It’s believed this is part of their bid to become financially independent and break away from the royal purse strings.

Paul O’Grady: For The Love Of Dogs airs at 8pm tonight on ITV.


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