‘Not on the best terms’ Body language signs Princess Eugenie is not ‘Team Cambridge’


PRINCESS EUGENIE’S body language in a clip with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shows “no warmth or closeness”, according to a body language expert.

“What’s relevant about this clip is you can see Prince William and Catherine, Zara Tindall and Princess Eugenie and Beatrice.

“Everyone pay close attention to the dynamics between the York sisters and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”

He continued: “Why are these interactions interesting? You might remember Meghan [Markle] in The Ellen Show. What’s relevant, is that she name-dropped Eugenie.”

During her Ellen appearance, Meghan spoke about a Halloween party she attended with Prince Harry.

She said: “He came to see me in Toronto and our friends, his cousin Eugenie and now her husband Jack.”

princess eugenie kate middleton prince william

‘Not on the best terms’ Body language signs Princess Eugenie is not ‘Team Cambridge’ (Image: GETTY)

prince william zara tindall

Prince William embracing Zara Tindall (Image: GETTY)

Jesús spoke about this adding: “So, Meghan made reference that before she went public with Harry, they attended a Halloween party in costume with Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank.

“And Meghan did not say it explicitly, but the fact that they went together undercover to a party before there was any public awareness of their relationship, points to closeness with the princess.

“You might say that a few years have passed since then, but if their relationship wasn’t relevant up to this point, then most probably Meghan would not have mentioned her.

“So that’s why that interaction at Westminster Abbey was closely scrutinised to see those interactions, especially between Eugenie and the Cambridges.”

Looking at the footage of the other royals arriving at Westminster Abbey for the service, Jesús commented: “The first signal we have, right off the bat is the way William greets Zara and Mike Tindall.

“First, you see that William’s right arm is closely embracing Zara. There is closeness, there’s his open and relaxed hand, you can see his inner elbow is basically matching the arm of his cousin. There’s enough contact to signal that they feel comfortable with each other and they are happy to meet.

“Zara then steps forward to meet Catherine and she embraces her with her right arm.”

He added: “I’ve mentioned other times that you should pay attention to the way arms and hands make full contact of the other person’s body. And pretty much the same, like William’s arm a second ago, you see that Catherine’s embrace with Zara, even if it’s with one arm, is intense enough to signal closeness.

“There’s also a full contact between their heads and faces.

“Maybe the camera angle doesn’t help much, but if you pay attention to people’s body language, you should notice the angles of the bodies and the speed of the movements.

kate middleton zara tindall

Kate embracing Zara while Eugenie joins the group (Image: GETTY)

prince william eugenie

Prince William greeting Eugenie (Image: GETTY)

“If you see Zara moving towards Catherine, you’ll notice that there is an intention, a momentum, a speed so it adds up as a signal to understand the relationship between them.

“Now one last bit before we switch to William and Eugenie, Catherine and Zara dissolve the embrace but Catherine stays close to her, touching her arm and tilting her head forwards, as a way of closing the circle between herself and Mike and Zara.

“So this is just five seconds of footage and there’s so much to see and confirms the relationship of William and Kate with Zara and Mike,” the expert suggested.

“Now let’s switch to William and Eugenie,” Jesús said. “I’m sure by this point you’ve already noticed there is no warmth and closeness between them.

“There’s also the possibility that they had already met seconds of minutes before, and that could explain the lukewarm greeting.

“But I took a good look at the whole video, and up to that point, it’s evident William and Kate had arrived early enough so most guests had to walk to the spot the Cambridges were at.
“There are also a few pictures suggesting Zara, Mike and Eugenie arrived at the same time.”

“Now about the touch itself,” he noted. “William usually grabs people’s arms to signal goodwill. We already saw him embracing Zara, so it could have made sense if he did the same thing with Eugenie, but he didn’t.

“In fact, he just places his hand on her arm and back – nothing more.

together at christmas royal family

The royals before Princess Beatrice and her husband arrived (Image: GETTY)

“For me, the biggest tell is Eugenie’s taps on William’s side. They have absolutely no pressure… and they keep a personal distance between them. Extremely formal, no warmth at all.”

Jesús went on: “There are some claims Catherine didn’t even greet Eugenie, but there’s no way of knowing from this clip since right at that point it jumped at Beatrice arriving.”

In another clip, from a different angle, after William and Eugenie exchange pleasantries and Zara steps back, neither Kate nor Eugenie step forward to embrace one another.

Jesús continued: “Now Beatrice arrives, and the first thing that we spot is her husband Edoardo Mapelli immediately bows to William, in a very subtly manner – a sign of respect and protocol.

“It’s interesting that William did not greet her in the same way as he did with Zara; there’s no embrace, he just makes a gesture of his hands towards his chest, and turns to make some sort of signal to Catherine.

“Then Catherine walks towards them, greets Edoardo first and then proceeds to do basically a very similar gesture to Beatrice as she did with Zara.

“It’s very easy to notice that both the time and the intensity of that one arm embrace is so much shorter, much less intense than what she did with Zara, so that’s also a signal of the difference of how Catherine feels with each one of them.”

The expert concluded by claiming: “Even if sometimes we will not be able to reach solid conclusions, these hidden signals will give us enough information to navigate better the relationships of those around us.

“And in this case, it’s obvious that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s relationship with the Princesses of York, especially with Eugenie, is not on the best terms.”


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