‘No disrespect to her’ Barbadian contrasts ‘extreme’ anti-royal views as island rids Queen


A BARBADIAN woman shared her views on the Royal Family and the island becoming a republic with royal reporters noting her less “antagonistic” outlook.

A woman known as Beverley was interviewed as part of ITV’s Royal Rota Podcast where she shared her views on the island becoming a republic this week. ITV Royal Editor Chris Ship also spoke with campaigner David Denny who is demanding the Royal Family apologises and pays reparations to the country for its involvement in the slave trade. But Mr Ship noted while Mr Denny’s response was a more extreme example to Barbados becoming a republic, Beverley’s laid-back view was the outlook that was generally shared among Barbadians.

Speaking on the Royal Rota, Mr Ship discussed his conversations with Beverley who was celebrating on the beach following Barbados’ conversion to a republic.

Earlier in the week, he had spoken with General Secretary of the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration, David Denny, who shared harsh words against the Royal Family and showed great animosity towards them.

But the royal journalist stressed many Barbadians were “apathetic” and did not want to deliberately cause a falling out with the Royal Family.

Producer Lizzie Robinson remarked most people “were like Beverley” with the islander telling ITV: “No disrespect to her, but I just think it is just where we are.


The Queen was removed as Barbados head of state this week (Image: ITV/Getty)


The Queen was unable to attend the ceremony (Image: Getty)

“It’s time… there is nothing wrong with that it is just progress and moving forward and for people to feel a sense of self.”

In a separate interview, Mr Denny said he did not want Prince Charles to be in attendance at the republic celebrations and demanded reparations.

He explained: “The Royal Family benefitted financially in a very big way from slavery.

“So that is the first thing your Royal Family must do is apologise to the people of Barbados.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles was the guest of honour at the ceremony and delivered a speech (Image: Getty)

“And then they must also pay reparations for the damage that was done on African people.”

Barbados became the world’s latest republic this week after they removed Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state.

The new president, Dame Sandra Mason, was elected last month and was sworn in on November 30 to be the new head of state.

Prince Charles was in attendance at the overnight ceremony and delivered a speech acknowledging the “appalling atrocity of slavery” Barbados was victim to.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles was given a tour of the country during his visit (Image: Getty)

Charles was a guest of honour and was awarded the Order of Freedom of Barbados by Dame Sandra.

Barbados will still remain part of the Commonwealth after the Government chose to become a republic in 2020.

The new president said in a speech: “Vessel Republic Barbados has set sail on her maiden voyage.

“May she weather all storms and land our country and citizens safely on the horizons and shores which are ahead of us.”

Republican sentiments continue to bubble around the globe with CEO of the Australian Republican Movement, Sammy Biar, telling Express.co.uk he has seen a “resurgence” in support over the past few years.

He explained Australia wanted a head of state who was Australian and said Prince Harry showed the problems with hereditary rule as people are thrust into positions of power without necessarily wanting to be there.


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