Nigel Farage in stitches as Prince Harry ridiculed for GQ appearance: ‘This gobbledegook!’


PRINCE Harry was ridiculed for his appearance at the GQ Men of the Year Awards where the royal awarded a prize to the team behind the AstraZeneca vaccine but chose to blast “misinformation” on social media regarding the vaccine.

But during the ceremony, Prince Harry delivered a speech on vaccine hesitancy and “misinformation” being shared on social media.

He said: “[These scientists] are our nation’s pride and we are deeply indebted to their service…

“For the rest of us, including global governments, pharmaceutical leaders and heads of business, we have to keep doing our part.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage laughed at Angela Levin’s tirade against Prince Harry (Image: GB News)

Angela Levin

Angela Levin blasted Harry’s appearance at the GQ awards (Image: GB News)

“That must include sharing vaccine science and supporting and empowering developing countries with more flexibility.

“Where you are born should not affect your ability to survive when the drugs and know-how exist to keep you alive and well.”

But Harry then took aim at news outlets and social media for feeding vaccine hesitancy and said: “At the same time, families around the world are being overwhelmed by masses of misinformation across news media and social media, where those who peddle in lies and fear are creating vaccine hesitancy, which in turn leads to divided communities and eroding trust.

“This is a system we need to break if we are to overcome COVID-19 and the risk of new variants.”

Mr Farage invited Ms Levin onto his evening GB News show and asked why Harry did not “shut up”.

She shared her thoughts and said: “Well, both he and Meghan are desperate to be on the front pages and the less interest we take on them the more desperate they get.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry appeared at the awards and called out social media misinformation (Image: Getty)

“They divide themselves into two, one day they’re both horrible victims and they’ve been hurt and wounded because people don’t help them enough, because they can’t do things for themselves.

“The next day, they are gurus and they have a world stage and they want to tell us all about everything.

“Now he’s not a scientist, he is not an expert in any of these things but I think he’s just pushed to talk this gobbledegook.

“I mean he did mention that he dislikes, as we just heard, the news media and the social media and they’re peddling fears and lies.

Prince Harry has called for vaccines to be shared across the world (Image: Getty)

Ms Levin also took issue with Prince Harry ignoring journalists in Afghanistan and said the Duke had a “narrow knowledge” of what the media involves.

Meghan told Oprah Winfrey that she and Harry got married three days prior to their wedding ceremony on May 19 in the garden during a private ceremony.

But marriage documents reported by The Sun found the couple did officially get married on May 19 and not a few days before.

The Archbishop of Canterbury also came out to defend himself and said marrying Harry and Meghan in a private ceremony with just the three of them would have been illegal.

Prince Harry made another vaccine plea back in May during the Vax Live concert where he called for everyone to commit to their “shared humanity”.

He told audiences: “The vaccine must be distributed to everyone everywhere.”


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