Ngozi Fulani had ‘agenda’ at Palace with history of anti-royal statements, expert claims


Black British Charity founder Ngozi Fulani accused Lady Susan Hussey of racism at domestic abuse charity event at Buckingham Palace last Tuesday.

“And it was when she said, ‘I knew you’d get there in the end’ – that proved to me, you were determined to prove that I had no right to British citizenship.”

She added: “Now, abuse doesn’t have to be physical. But if you move my hair without permission, to me, that’s abuse.

“I was the victim if you will, of an offence, of racism.”

Ngozi Fulani

Ngozi Fulani has said she has received “abuse” online (Image: Twitter/ @sistahspace)

Ngozi Fulani at the Buckingham Palace event

The event at Buckingham Palace was to support victims of domestic violence (Image: Getty)

Prince Harry slammed over racist claims as William urged to take action to dispel comments

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been criticised over the allegations of racism that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have fired against the Royal Family. It comes as the couple are due to be awarded the Ripple of Hope Award by the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights (RFKHR) organisation.

Mandu Reid, the leader of the Women’s Equality Party was also present at the event and said that the questions asked by Lady Hussey, 83, were “offensive, racist and unwelcoming” leaving her with a “sense of incredulity”.

The Sistah space founder has since released a statement saying she has suffered “horrific abuse” amid the fall out of the race-row as people accuse her of ‘race baiting’ and those who feel she has a false identity as her real name has been revealed to be Marlene Headly.

GB News host Nana Akua discussed the incident on her show and said that the name on the badge “was clearly not a traditional British name which is what I suspect alongside the outfit, sparked her intrigue and this totally unverified exchange.”

Royal expert Marlene Eilers Koenig told that Fulani’s behaviour following the conversation was “unprofessional” and that both Lady Susan and Fulani should have an “informed discussion”.

The expert said: “I hope Mrs Fulani will sit down with Lady Susan for a more informed discussion. I think she handled in the wrong way, unprofessional.

“She should have said something to Lady Susan if she felt uncomfortable by the conversation.”

Lady Susan Hussey with the Queen

Lady Susan Hussey was the late-Queen’s lady-in-waiting (Image: Getty)

The King previously met Ngozi in 1997 (Image: PA)

Ms Fulani and the King met before in 1997 when the Prince visited Limelight, a club in London’s West End.

Fulani was a drummer in Emashi which was a group specialising in African music and received money from The Prince’s Trust.

Ms Koenig noted: “Fulani has made anti-monarchy and Royal Family statements on social media, so why did she accompany a person who was invited to the event at Clarence House?”

Camilla and Charles

Camilla and Charles have invited Ngozi Fulani for talks at the Palace (Image: Getty)

Amid the fallout of the race-war, the issue of Camilla’s event, which was to focus on giving a voice to victims of domestic abuse, has been overshadowed.

The royal expert praised Camilla as “brave” for providing “a platform to help victims of domestic violence”.

She said it was “a rather brave thing to do because so many people don’t want to discuss domestic violence”.


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