Netflix scores ‘silly own goal’ in bid to tell Meghan and Harry’s ‘honest truth’


Netflix has so far released two trailers ahead of the debut of the docu-series titled Harry & Meghan, focused on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s love story and struggles within the Firm.

The commentator told “I think documentary-making and then trailer-making are particular skills which are probably not done in the control of Meghan and Harry in this series they have made.

“But it’s important to the filmmakers to have considered the idea that in using illustrative footage from other events they would come under a lot of criticism.

“Because if you are purporting to tell a behind-the-scenes, honest truth about something that happened, and you are doing so with two protagonists who many people believe vary their recollection of what happened from other people’s recollections, then you need to be doubly careful – and I don’t think they have been.

“So it was an own goal for them, the filmmakers, to use the Harry Potter red carpet photographers shot, to use the images of the paparazzi outside Katie Price’s court appearance and of photographers trying to get pictures of a car in which was Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Prince Harry placing a hand behind Meghan's back

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reportedly didn’t have control of their documentary’s trailers (Image: GETTY)

Photographers lined up to take pictures

This image used in the first Harry & Meghan trailer is from the Harry Potter premiere in 2011 (Image: NETFLIX)

“It may be that they were trying to draw a broader point, and to provoke sympathy in all of us for Katie Price and Mr Trump’s former lawyer and the scrutiny they faced in the media – but I rather doubt that, as they don’t sound like people that Meghan and Harry would necessarily be keen to defend.

“So I think it was a silly move, but not necessarily the biggest thing we are going to be talking about in a few days.”

Mr Sacerdoti then focused his attention on one of the images of Prince Harry used in the first trailer for the documentary.

The picture, taken years ago, shows the Duke holding his hand up to shield his face from photographers.

It later emerged the un-cropped version of this photo featured Harry’s ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy walking beside him as they were trying to leave Heathrow Airport.

Paparazzi trying to get a shot of a person in a car

This image from the second Harry & Meghan trailer shows paparazzi trying to get a shot of Cohen (Image: NETFLIX)

Mr Sacerdoti said: “When people make a trailer, they look for the juiciest and most exciting images they can.

“The most interesting one for me was the one showing Prince Harry holding his hand up to stop the photographer, which turned out to be a photograph with one of his former girlfriends.

“Now, in my mind, that is justifiable, because they will probably talk about him living under the scrutiny of the press from birth, so at some point in the documentary they may indeed talk about his time before Meghan.”

The title card for Harry & Meghan

Harry & Meghan will debut on December 8 (Image: NETFLIX)

They told the Telegraph: “You use stock images to tell a story. It’s not meant to be literal in a trailer.”

Harry & Meghan, to last for a total of six episodes, will debut on December 8, when the first half will be released.

The second half of the series will be shared on December 15, the same day during which several senior royals will gather at Westminster Abbey for the special Christmas carol service spearheaded by Kate, Princess of Wales.


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