‘Mirrors her mother’: Princess Charlotte picked up sweet habit from Kate Middleton


Body language expert Judi James has revealed that Princess Charlotte has picked up a gesture from Kate Middleton that may suggest shyness.

Prince William says they were “all looking forward to it” and the children have “lots of questions”.

Princess Charlotte is spotted touching her hair as she goes to shake the headmaster’s hand.

In an interview with the Mirror, Judi James said: “It’s Charlotte showing the shyness signals here, touching her hair in that gesture that sweetly mirrors her mother and getting a fond stroke on the back of her hair to nudge her into her handshake with the headmaster.”

Picture of Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte

Both Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte touch their hair when nervous according to Judi James (Image: Getty Images)

Picture of Kate Middleton and Prince William with their children

Judi James analysed the moment Princess Charlotte and her siblings arrived at their new school (Image: Getty Images)

Judy James has analysed Kate’s body language in the past and has claimed the Princess of Wales has grown out of her shyness since becoming a member of the Royal Family.

The body language expert analysed Kate meeting leaders from the Commonwealth during a state lunch at Buckingham Palace before Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

Ms James said: “Back then she looked shy and inexperienced, performing anxiety hair touches while she leaned backwards slightly and held her bag up in a barrier gesture.

“Today we have a confident, very regal-looking woman who is clearly hosting and putting her guests at ease with her techniques of active listening and even touch rituals.”

She added: “Kate now uses a prolonged eye engagement that shows any shyness is a thing of the past.”

Picture of Princess Charlotte touching her hair

Judi James said: “Touching her hair in that gesture that sweetly mirrors her mother” (Image: Getty Images)

Picture of Kate Middleton

In the past, Judy James has said Kate Middleton touched her hair out of shyness (Image: Getty Images)

At seven years old, Princess Charlotte was one of the youngest people in attendance alongside her brother Prince George, who is nine years old.

The young royal also mirrored her mother’s actions during the funeral, as she tipped her hat just like Kate during the proceedings.

Princess Charlotte wore a black hat and coat to the funeral, as well as a pin brooch shaped like a horseshoe, a subtle tribute to Queen Elizabeth who was known for her love of horses.

Picture of Princess Charlotte at Queen Elizabeth's funeral

Princess Charlotte touched her hair and mirrored her mother’s actions during the funeral (Image: Getty Images)

The brooch may also be a family heirloom, as it looks identical to a brooch which once belonged to the Queen Mother Elizabeth in the 1920s.

The Queen Mother wore a gem-covered horseshoe brooch while getting an official photograph taken alongside her husband King George VI in 1923.

The brooch was a present from Queen Mary, the Queen Mother’s mother-in-law, and it may now be tradition for women in the royal family to inherit it.


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