Melania Trump blasted over Prince Philip tribute tweet – ‘Be respectful


MELANIA TRUMP has been criticised over a Prince Philip tribute message on Twitter.

She wrote: “President Trump and I extend our deepest condolences to Her Majesty the Queen, the Royal Family, and the people of Great Britain as the world mourns the loss of Prince Philip.”

One person wrote: “One Term Former Twice Impeached Disgraced Ex President Trump please.

“Be respectful and use his full title.”

Another commenter added: “That is kind of you to acknowledge it, but please don’t refer to your husband in the present tense as ‘President’.

“It would have been so much better to say ‘my husband and I’.”

A third person said: “Wait, president?? Oh right he is the president of disappointment.”

Some Twitter users jumped to Mrs Trump’s defence, explaining that current and past presidents were addressed the same way.

One user said: “All presidents, prior or current, keep the title of President!”

Another person added: “You both make us so proud!!

“That is why the relationship between the US and the UK was so strong under President Trump’s administration.

“We so miss you and your leadership! Our prayers are with you everyday!”

A third commenter added: “Thank you First Lady Melania and President Trump for your service to our country.

“Your class is always shown so brightly.

“Thank you for showing class and sympathy for Her Majesty the Queen and family. We miss you both.”