Meghan’s ‘tears’ as she watched Princess Diana’s funeral with friends


MEGHAN Markle was tearful as she watched Princess Diana’s funeral with her school friends, according to a royal author.

Royal biographer Andrew Morton said Diana’s death was an “inconceivable tragedy” to a 16-year-old Meghan and her classmates. Mr Morton, who has penned an updated version of his book Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, said in the following days Meghan and her friend Suzy Ardakani watched videos of Diana and Prince Charles’s 1981 wedding.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, Mr Morton said: “Tears coursed down the cheeks of 16-year-old Meghan Markle and her friends as they watched the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, and never more so than at the poignant moment when the cameras zoomed in on the Royal coffin.

“There, perched among the white flowers, was an envelope on which was written the one word, ‘Mummy’ – Prince Harry’s last note to the mother who had now gone for ever.

“To Meghan and her classmates, it was an inconceivable tragedy: how could a glamorous humanitarian in the prime of life die in the cruel banality of a car crash?

“In the days following Diana’s death in August 1997, she pondered the life of this remarkable woman.

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“With her friend Suzy Ardakani, Meghan watched old videos of the 1981 wedding of Lady Diana Spencer – as she then was – and Prince Charles.”

Mr Morton added that Meghan was “intrigued not just by her style but by Diana’s independent humanitarian mission”.

He claimed Meghan’s friend Suzy’s mother gave her a copy of his biography Diana: Her True Story.


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