Meghan’s first blog ‘made $80k per year’ but The Tig 2.0 ‘can make much more’


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is set to make huge sums if she revives her lifestyle blog The Tig as suspected.

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Meghan Markle is is believed to be relaunching her blog The Tig (Image: GETTY)

Details filed with the US Trademark and Patent Office state the new version of The Tig would offer tips on food, travel, fashion, the arts, design, conscious living, and wellness. The papers said the website would offer “commentary in the field of personal relationships”.

The Duchess of Sussex ran the blog for two years until she began her relationship with Harry, at which point she shut it down.

Fans are excited to see the launch of the platform, which was a commercial enterprise making the Duchess income before it was closed down, although some experts have warned a ‘tone-deaf or out of touch’ blog “could potentially harm both her and Harry’s reputations”.

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The Duchess of Sussex ran the blog for two years until she began her relationship with Prince Harry, (Image: GETTY)

Meghan Markle: ‘The Tig’ would be a success says expert

Now a branding expert who has worked with the likes of Nike, MTV and Universal, has explained how the Duchess of Sussex, who is free as non-working royal to make her own private income, would monetise a brand like The Tig now.

David is the founder of a company called Creative Control Ventures, and has over 10 years experience. He detailed the five ways Meghan will likely look to make money from The Tig 2.0.

He said: “Overall, relaunching The Tig has the potential to be a positive move for Meghan’s personal brand if done strategically and with a clear vision. By leveraging her expertise and personal brand, and creating engaging, high-quality content, The Tig could become a valuable asset for Meghan and a key element of her overall branding strategy. There are several ways that Meghan could potentially monetize The Tig brand.”

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An expert detailed the five ways Meghan will likely look to make money from The Tig 2.0 (Image: GETTY)

How will Meghan Markle make money from The Tig 2.0?

Sponsored content

David explained: “Meghan could partner with brands that align with The Tig’s mission and values to create sponsored content. This could include sponsored blog posts, social media updates, or videos.”

Meghan has previously created sponsored content before. She worked with Birchbox, a makeup subscription company to create a bespoke beauty box. One Birchbox employee who worked with Meghan exclusively spoke with Express about the experience. She said the Duchess was a “gracious” boss who went “above and beyond” with everyone.

Affiliate marketing

“Meghan could earn a commission by promoting products or services that are relevant to The Tig’s audience,” David explained. “This could include affiliate marketing through blog posts, social media updates, or email newsletters.”


David said: “The Tig could potentially create and sell branded merchandise such as clothing, accessories, or home decor items.”


“The Tig could host events such as workshops, retreats, or webinars that cater to the brand’s mission and values,” David suggested.

Premium content

The expert said: “Meghan could potentially offer premium content such as e-books, courses, or coaching services that cater to the brand’s audience.”

He said: “The TIG 1.0 made $80k per year. Using the monetisation strategies, I have listed above Meghan can make much more. One example of a company that has done super well in this space is Morning Brew. ​​Morning Brew generated about $50 million in sales in 2021. Almost all that revenue came from advertising.”


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