Meghan Markle is being shamed for doing this during official visit


Meghan Markle is being shamed for wearing ripped jeans

We never thought we’d live to see the day that a possible future royal would wear ripped jeans. But we also never thought we’d see the day that Prince Harry would settle down. Meghan Markle proved us wrong on both counts.

Harry and Meghan were openly affectionate at the Toronto Games Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES
Harry and Meghan were openly affectionate at the Toronto Games Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

The couple made their first official appearance together this weekend at the Invictus Games in Toronto. On Saturday, Markle wore a classy maroon dress, so on Monday — day three of the games — she toned it down with a much more casual look. And some people aren’t too pleased.

The Suits star strolled the streets and watched the games in a $185 Misha Nonoo white button down shirt called The Husband (hint, hint!). She wore the loose fitting shirt half tucked into a pair of Mother’s Love Gun skinny jeans ($114), which feature one ripped knee. She accessorized with Italian leather tan flats by Sarah Flint ($495), the Day Market Tote from Everlane ($165), and Percy shades by British brand Finlay & Co. ($180).

Some are loving that her look is relatable and affordable, while others feel someone dating a member of the royal family should never be dressed so casually — especially for her first public appearance with the prince.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrived hand-in-hand at the Invictus Games Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrived hand-in-hand at the Invictus Games Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

“I think she would have wanted to look smarter in keeping with who she hopes to be — obviously not bred to be a Royal more a commoner like the rest of us!” someone wrote on Facebook. “There are people in the world who have to wear ripped clothes as they are too poor to buy new clothes. Then you have those with more money than sense who buy ripped clothes and think it’s fashionable,” wrote another. A third commenter called the outfit a “Big Mistake.”

British TV host Lorraine posted a poll on her Facebook and hordes of followers passionately defended Markle.

“Meghan and Harry have finally made their first public appearance as a couple, at the Invictus Games. Some are commenting on Meghan’s outfit, claiming the future royal was too dressed down. We want to know your thoughts…Should a would-be princess dress a bit smarter? Or do you think Meghan should be able to wear whatever she likes?” she wrote.

I'm thinking that you shouldn't be wearing ripped jeans Photo (C) TWITTER
I’m thinking that you shouldn’t be wearing ripped jeans Photo (C) TWITTER

As of now, 91 percent of voters (there were 1,000 votes at the time) feel she can wear what she wants, while nine percent think she should dress “smarter.”

Supporters of Markle’s look feel jeans were perfectly appropriate for attending an athletic event, especially since Harry was wearing jeans himself. “Good grief!!” one follower wrote. “She was at a sporting event, Harry was dressed down as was everyone else, it was appropriate for the event. If she’d rocked up to a formal function dressed like that then yes that wouldn’t be fitting, but why on earth would she attend a sporting event in a dress & high heels?!?!”

The commenter continued: “I think it was a clever move on their part to chose the Invictus games for their 1st public appearance together & make it casual & more relaxed for her. Let’s face it, she’s destined for a life of scrutiny now so introducing her into Royal duties gently is the kindest thing & we know Harry is fiercely protective of her, which is lovely. Also we know she scrubs up really well so why all the criticism of her dressing age & occasion appropriate?!?!”

Meghan Jeans Photo (C) TWITTER
Meghan Jeans Photo (C) TWITTER

“For goodness sake she was at a sport [event], not visiting the queen for high [tea],” wrote another. “Harry wasn’t dressed up was he! People, get a life and let those two enjoy their time together.”

Others feel she should be able to wear whatever she wants. “Why should she change her style just because she is with a ‘normal’ man who yes is a prince but so what?! I think she is very brave to go into public as the media can be very intimidating. Let them get on with it!”

We say, let them wear jeans!


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