Meghan Markle has revealed the unusual nickname those closest to her use


Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s girlfriend, reveals the cute nickname her inner circle use

MEGHAN MARKLE is currently dating Prince Harry, and she has revealed the unusual nickname those closest to her use.

Meghan, 35, shared the details on her lifestyle blog The Tig as she wrote about her plans and wishes for the coming year after her birthday.

Meghan Markle Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES
Meghan Markle Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

Responding to a question and answer sheet, Meghan said: “My nickname is Meg, MM, M&M, and Flower (which my mom has called me since I was little).”

Meghan didn’t reveal which of these nicknames Prince Harry uses – or whether the couple have private names that only they use.

Prince Harry, meanwhile, gave himself the nickname “The Funcle” on the birth of Prince George, according to The Telegraph.

Meghan revealed other snippets from her life in the article, which was titled “The Talk with Meghan Markle”.

Meghan Markle Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES
Prince Harry Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

Reflecting on her life, she wrote: “I am feeling so incredibly joyful right now, so grateful and content that all I could wish for is more of the same.

“More surprises, more adventure, more opportunities to grow, more days filled with giggles and cheeky jokes, more delicious meals, and more inspiration. Always more inspiration.”

Talking about her daily routine and the firs thing she does when she wakes up, she said: “Pick up my iPhone, kiss the dogs, and walk downstairs with them to let them in the backyard and feed them breakfast.

“Then while I wait for them to eat, I check some emails and send some texts, and we crawl back into bed for a little snuggle before starting the day.”

Meghan Markle Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES
Meghan Markle Photo (C) GETTY IMAGES

All the international travel that comes with a long distance relationship such as hers saw Meghan choose a passport as the item she couldn’t live without.

And despite being a well-known actress, Meghan does not enjoy the fame that comes with her profile – she said if she had one week to escape, she would “go completely off the grid”.

And Prince Harry may wish to be careful not to cook any bland British food for his new love.


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