Meghan Markle fan defends ‘incredible and caring’ Duchess: ‘Keep negativity away!’


A MEGHAN MARKLE fan defended the “incredible and caring” Duchess of Sussex on Twitter and ordered those “judging” her to keep their “negativity away”.

Since, the Sussexes reportedly widened the family feud since March’s two-hour CBS sit down with Oprah Winfrey and after Harry’s announced he is to write an “accurate and wholly truthful” memoir.

In the Oprah interview the couple claimed they had felt “hounded” by the British press, yet Meghan’s supporters have taken to Twitter to defend the Duchess.

Twitter account Meghan Markle Daily, which describes itself as “your number one source for all things about the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle” ordered followers to “keep the negativity away”.

Meghan Markle Daily wrote to their 45,500 followers: “Anybody judging Meghan Markle in a negative way does not know how she actually is.

Meghan Markle

A Meghan Markle fan defended the “incredible and caring” Duchess on Twitter (Image: Getty)

Royal Family tense

Meghan and Prince Harry have allegedly endured a strained relationship with the Royal Family (Image: Getty)

“She has always been (and continues to be) a down to earth and incredible human who cares so deeply.

“Keep the negativity out of our mentions and please find something better to do with your lives.”

The tweet was posted on March 5, two days before the broadcast of Harry and Meghan’s infamous Oprah interview.

The account also retweeted a thread of tweets from Silvertree77, who claimed that Meghan was one of her “nearest and dearest”, and posted a series of pictures of the pair to prove it.

Silvertree77 wrote: “[Meghan] is the friend who insists on always hearing details of your life, your day, your kids life, your kids day, before hers.

“The friend who stocks her house full of all your very favourite things when you visit and pretends she already had them, just because she wants the moment to be about you and not her.

“It’s always that way with her friends – us before her.”

Harry and Meghan married on May 19, 2018 in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Harry and Meghan

The Sussexes have two children, Archie, 2, and Lilibet (Image: Getty)

The ceremony was attended by a host of star-studded guests including George and Amal Clooney, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy and Sir Elton John.

Silvertree77, who according to her Twitter description is an LA based director and executive producer, added: “On [Meghan’s] wedding day she checks in on me in the morning.

“It’s her day, the world is standing by, it’s a lot, but she wants the day to be special for me.

“‘You’ve come such a long way’ she says.

Queen as a child

Lilibet was a nickname coined by King George V when then-Princess Elizabeth was a toddler (Image: Getty)

“‘Are you jet lagged?’ she says, “I made you a playlist to listen to while you get ready.’”

Lili is Harry and Meghan’s also have another child Archie Mountbatten-Windsor who was born on May 6 2019 in London.

Despite the reported family tensions Harry is still said to be close with his grandmother and eager for his new daughter to meet the monarch.

Plans are said to be in the works to bring Lili to the UK, with the Sun having claimed yesterday: “They’re keen to introduce Lili, who’s name is a heartfelt nod to the Queen’s nickname as a child.”

Lilibet was a nickname coined by King George V when then-Princess Elizabeth was a toddler and could not pronounce her name properly.

The Queen signed her name as Lilibet on the funeral wreath of her immensely close friend Earl Mountbatten, while the monarch’s late husband Prince Philip, also called her by the nickname.


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