‘Meghan is unafraid to express herself and be natural’ but Kate is ‘following the rules’


EXCLUSIVE: Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have very different styles and personalities, which are a reflection of their countries and roles according to one fashion expert.

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Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s style has been influenced by their countries. (Image: Getty)

Miranda explained how Kate Middleton being from Britain and Meghan being from America has affected both royals approach to their duties and their styles. The fashion expert has broken down both Kate and Meghan’s wardrobes, and claimed they reflect “their country’s essence.”

She said: “Kate [is] traditional, British, classic. Regal, [but] a little bit stuffy sometimes and all the thing England is known and celebrated for.”

Miranda added: “That history is imbued into how [Kate] knows how to be a royal. She knows what a heavyweight and important position she is in, so she dresses accordingly. She really feels the pressure of that and takes it very seriously indeed.”

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Miranda said Kate Middleton’s style was “traditional, British, classic.” (Image: Getty)

However, Miranda explained Meghan has a very different approach due to being from the USA. The fashion expert said: “Whereas Meghan is from the land of the free and the land of opportunity.”

She continued: “America is that land filled with so much promise. I mean, anyone can go there and be accepted in theory. Anyone can go there and make it.

“It’s more relaxed, it’s more expressive. There’s no class system that we still have in the UK, whether we like it or not. It still kind of exists because it’s just embedded into our heritage and culture subconsciously. That has never held Meghan back.”Invictus Games 2020 - The Land Rover Challenge

Miranda explained that Meghan has a very different approach due to being from the USA (Image: Getty)

Miranda explained how Meghan’s style has been influenced by America’s values. She said: “Meghan’s just been unafraid to express herself and be natural and be who she is, which is what America is all about. Accepting you for you, not holding back and just going it.”

However, the fashion expert added: “Whereas Kate is very much about following the rules, being cautious and being a little bit more real. I think that really sums up the country’s essence if you like as well.”

Since Prince Harry moved to America, Miranda explained that his style has become a lot more casual since there have been such big changes in both weather and lifestyle.

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Miranda said: “[Kate] is in a tricky position with the royal etiquette.” (Image: Getty)

Miranda added that Kate Middleton was more likely to favour coat dresses and formal dresses, while Meghan Markle is more likely to focus on “well-tailored and expensive” separate pieces of clothing in order to mix and match outfits.

The fashion expert also explained that both royals had different colours that they suited. Kate favoured warmer and Autumn-colours while Meghan was more likely to suit winter colours.


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