Meghan FLEES Angry Queen As Princess Di’s Confidant Drops BOMB On Harry


Meghan FLEES Angry Queen As Princess Di’s Confidant Drops BOMB On Harry

Shocking revelations are coming out about Meghan Markle from one of Princess Diana’s closest confidants. Meghan resorted to fleeing from the angry Queen’s Easter celebration, and palace insiders say that Ms. Markle called her mom hysterical after Prince Harry was told, “She’s lying to you.” Will the wedding be called off by the Queen now that the royals know Princess Pushy’s big lies? Meghan’s scared that it’s over, and we’ve got the truth that Princess Di’s confidant exposed.

Meghan Markle (left), Prince Harry (middle), Queen Elizabeth II (right) (Photo Credit: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images, YouTube/Screengrab, Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

Meghan Markle is hysterical, according to palace insiders. She wouldn’t show her face at the Queen’s Easter celebrations, and now we know why. Markle has been under an intense investigation by Andrew Morton, who wrote Princess Diana’s biography. Morton became a close confidant of Diana’s at the end of her life, and she trusted him with detailed personal tapes, telling him some of her biggest secrets.

Morton set out to write a biography about Meghan Markle. The British author wanted to find out every detail about her life, and now we know what he found out is causing big problems inside the palace. Morton let portions of his book leak, and he makes the case that Meghan is much more calculating than Harry knows.

The Daily Mail reports, “Morton dates the origins of Meghan’s [Princess Diana] obsession to September 6, 1997, when, aged 16, she watched the funeral of Diana with her friends, ‘tears coursing down their cheeks at the poignant moment when the cameras zoomed in on the royal coffin’.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding is likely to prompt a party frenzy. (Getty)
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding is likely to prompt a party frenzy. (Getty)

They add, “Among the display of white flowers, did she notice an envelope simply marked ‘Mummy’ and containing 12-year-old Harry’s last message to his beloved mother? Diana’s death was, Morton notes, a seminal event in Meghan’s life.”

Afterward, she and her friend Suzy Ardakani watched old videos of Diana’s 1981 wedding to Prince Charles. Ironically, she also became absorbed in a book given to her by Suzy’s mother: Morton’s own work, Diana: Her True Story, which remained on her bookshelves for years afterward.

Imagine the shock of the Queen, who we know read this report, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Meghan stated that she didn’t know who Harry was when she was first set up on a blind date with him. Now, the Queen is reeling, questioning everything that she thought the palace knew about Meghan Markle.

According to ABC during their engagement interview, Meghan said, “I’m from the States, you don’t grow up with the same understanding of the royal family, and so while I now understand very clearly, there’s a global interest there.

She goes on, “I didn’t know much about him, and so the only thing that I had asked her when she said that she wanted to set us up, was, I had one question. I said, ‘Well is he nice?’ Cause if he wasn’t kind, it just didn’t, it didn’t seem like it would make sense.”

This brings into question the entire premise of the “set-up” of their blind date. In fact, many royal insiders are telling the Queen that Markle was manipulating her way into the mega-rich circles where she finally met a close acquaintance of the Prince. They didn’t meet by chance, according to Morton. Markle set her sights on Prince Harry after she got to Canada, and she made that “blind date” happen.

Morton also claims, “[Markle’s] fascination with the British Royal Family” is what drove her life. Princess Di’s confidant and biographer also reported to the Queen about Markle’s first divorce. He says that she married Trevor Engleson, who was a movie producer, hoping it would launch her struggling acting career.

After she got her gig on the USA Network hit Suits, she didn’t need him anymore. Morton reports, “She was her own woman now, earning a steady income, making new friends on-set and off, no longer dependent on her husband’s connections.”

She mailed her wedding rings back to him in a cold and calculating move. Goodbye to Engleson, hello to the high society that could make her dream of becoming Diana 2.0 come true. “There are some who claim that Miss Markle’s rapid transformation from jobbing actress to a concerned citizen of the world has been just a little too calculating,” reports The Express.

One of the skeptics is her childhood best friend Ninaki Priddy. “I’m not shocked at all,” she said when she heard about the engagement. “It’s like she has been planning this all her life. She gets exactly what she wants, and Harry has fallen for her play.”

Another book called What Pretty Girls Are Made Of was authored by Meghan’s college friend Linsay Roth who says Markle is the central figure in the book.

It’s about a social-climbing actress who can’t make it in acting so she uses her looks and charm to get what she wants. Roth shocked Meghan by sending a copy to the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William’s wife Kate, as a warning. In fact, Kate sent Roth a “thank-you note” from the palace, says British reporter David Jones who has also been doing deep dives on Markle’s background.

All of this information has come out in the last few days which caused Princess Pushy to flee from attending the Queen’s Easter celebrations. We imagine the Queen is most upset learning the coy Markle, who is often photographed with a look of saintly shyness, is really a cold and calculating 36-year-old woman, who lied about not knowing really much about the Royal Family or who Harry was.

Harry did not show up at the Easter services either, which begs the question, are there other issues only the Queen and Prince Harry were told by Morton? The British Express headline read, “Why Meghan Markle and Prince Harry SNUBBED Queen’s Easter church service.”

“EVEN the heavily pregnant Duchess of Cambridge made the Queen’s morning Easter church service today – but bride-to-be Meghan Markle and future husband Prince Harry were nowhere to be seen at St George’s Chapel today,” reports the Express.

There’s big trouble at Kensington Palace, and so far, royal insiders are alleging a frantic Meghan was phoning her mom the day after Easter. Back in Los Angeles, Markle’s mom Doria Ragland was caught looking upset while speaking on her phone, many think that Meghan was burning up her phone, hysterical over Morton’s accusations.

Whatever the case, there is trouble in paradise. Is it big enough for the Queen to call this wedding off? It’s anyone’s guess, and we will be keeping our eye on all the drama coming out of Kensington Palace.

Source: madworldnews com

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