Meghan and Harry worried about US backlash after ‘wishy-washy’ Afghanistan statement


MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry have been called out for what critics branded a “wishy-washy” response to the crisis in Afghanistan after the couple said the situation left them “speechless”.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry broke their silence on Afghanistan earlier this week when they said that the Taliban takeover and ensuing chaos had left them “speechless”. However, the Mail’s Diary Editor Richard Eden said that the statement came across as “very bland, and very wishy-washy”. He told MailPlus’ Palace Confidential that Meghan’s political ambitions and Harry’s relationship with the Bidens effectively “muzzled” the couple.

“Then they issued this statement, which was very bland, very wishy-washy.

“That’s because to my mind, they’re very much in bed now with the Democrats and with the future political ambitions of Meghan.”

Host Jo Elvin said that the couple’s refusal to mention Joe Biden made them an outlier.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry broke their silence on Afghanistan earlier this week (Image: IG)


Harry worked two frontline tours of Afghanistan during his 10 years in the British Army (Image: GETTY)

She said: “They are really on their own aren’t they? Everyone has come out and criticised Joe Biden and he wasn’t mentioned in their statement.

“But I guess they can’t make that political statement.”

Broadcaster and historian Dr Tessa Dunlop explained: “First I thought it was quite poignant to declare themselves speechless, because a) they are never speechless.

“But b) they are effectively muzzled in this context because if they want to maintain any kind of credibility and any kind of relationship with Britain they can’t make a political comment.

meghan markle

Meghan’s political ambitions could be behind the couple’s ‘wishy-washy’ statement (Image: ARCHEWELL)

“They never outright condemned Trump, and they will never condemn Biden, and that must be painful for Harry.”

Dr Dunlop said that the Sussexes’ statement, which covered Haiti, Afghanistan, and coronavirus, “tripped over itself and tried to cover too much”.

The Duke of Sussex, 36, worked two frontline tours of Afghanistan during his 10 years in the British Army.

The couple – using their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles – said in their statement: “The world is exceptionally fragile right now.

“As we all feel the many layers of pain due to the situation in Afghanistan, we are left speechless.

“As we all watch the growing humanitarian disaster in Haiti, and the threat of it worsening after last weekend’s earthquake, we are left heartbroken.

“And as we all witness the continuing global health crisis, exacerbated by new variants and constant misinformation, we are left scared.

“When any person or community suffers, a piece of each of us does so with them, whether we realize it or not.

“And though we are not meant to live in a state of suffering, we, as a people, are being conditioned to accept it.

“It’s easy to find ourselves feeling powerless, but we can put our values into action — together.”


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