Meghan and Harry staff ‘felt sick’ after Sussexes’ ‘loyalty tests’


Prince Harry intensified these “loyal tests” once he started dating Meghan Markle, according to reports.

Valentine Low, author of new bombshell book Courtiers: the Hidden Power Behind the Crown, has written: “This was brewing for a long time – before Meghan. Harry had this obsession with the media. He was so very unhappy.”

An excerpt of his book reads: “He would use this phrase the whole time, ‘the palace syndrome’, when you won’t fight the battles he wants, because you have been institutionalised. Giving in to the media was a key symptom of whether you had developed it.

“It was a constant test of loyalty: ‘Are you going to protect me? Or have you just become one of them, who won’t fight for me?’ It was exhausting.” The book adds: “Harry’s obsession with the media; his sense of frustration that he wasn’t achieving everything that he could; his mistrust of the courtiers in the other households; the constant loyalty tests of his own staff: all of this was there before Meghan arrived on the scene.

“But after she turned up, it would get significantly worse.” On staff, Mr Low added: “It was a very difficult experience for many of them. Some people told me they were completely destroyed, they felt sick, they were shook.”

Harry and Meghan's Netflix show risks being 'shelved indefinitely'

Harry and Meghan’s Netflix show risks being ‘shelved indefinitely’ (Image: Getty)

‘Solid gold!’ Sophie Wessex praised as she pays respects to victims of Rwanda genocide

Royal fans have praised Sophie Wessex after she paid her respect to the victims of Rwanda genocide. The Countess of Wessex looked emotional as she visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial on Wednesday, where the remains of an estimated 250,000 people are interred.

The Countess of Wessex looked at rows of family photos of victims, reaching out to touch some of the images.

User Evelyn tweeted: “The Countess is a great example of a royal doing their duties with grace and class bravo”

Another user, operating under the handle, Clamouredmask wrote: “The countess is solid gold.”

The Countess of Wessex was also shown some of the skulls displayed at the site as a reminder of the horror of the atrocity.

Sophie described the memorial as “very moving” in a message in the book of condolence.

The royal wrote: “A very moving and fitting tribute to those who were lost, but with hope for the future.”

In 1994, hundreds of thousands of members of the Tutsi community were slaughtered in Rwanda by Hutu extremists.

In total, 800,000 people, including three-quarters of the country’s minority Tutsi population, died during 100 days of slaughter in Rwanda that year.

Kate Middleton still considers son Prince Louis, 4, a baby despite now being a ‘big boy’

The Princess of Wales visited the maternity unit at the hospital where she found time to talk to hundreds of staff and members of the public.

Talking about her own children, the Princess said she still considered her four-year-old son Louis to be a baby before she saw a tiny infant and admitted that the Prince is a “big boy now”.

When meeting baby Giles Talbot-Erasus, she said “I keep thinking Louis is a baby but he’s a big boy now.

“It just feels like yesterday.”

Admiring the infant’s mittens and commenting on the newborn’s scrunched-up pose, the Princess added: “George was so huddled up too, he spent quite a few days like that.”

The Duchess of Cambridge also spoke to parents Hannah and Luke Culverwell, who had a two-day-old baby boy with his older brother at nursery.

‘Not too spicy!’ Prince William laid bare typical Friday treat in previous trip to Wales

The Prince and Princess of Wales visited the principality which gave them their new title at the end of September, reminding fans of William’s previous visit and a surprise revelation he made there.

In August 2020, the Prince and Princess visited Barry Island to meet local business owners to discuss tourism and hospitality in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown.

During the visit, the royal couple let fans in on their guilty pleasure of watching Gavin and Stacey, as the couple visited the arcade which is known as Nessa’s Slots in the popular television programme.

However, the Prince also revealed his love for curry sauce when he visited a fish and chip shop.

William spoke to local fish and chip shop owner, Craig O’Shea, who said the visit was a wonderful boost to the area following the challenging summer.

“Kate said about how wonderful the beach was and said that it must be a fantastic place for children to grow up, and William was very interested in our fish, chips, and curry sauce.

“He said he didn’t like it too spicy, but curry is his favourite.”


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