Lady Louise ‘would take herself off on bike’ to escape family tensions – ‘Right, outside!’


LADY LOUISE would take herself outside and ride her bike to escape any family tension, her mother has revealed.

As she told The Daily Telegraph, her daughter Louise, 17, would take herself out on her bike.

Indeed, Sophie would order the family to go outside before coming back to a different mood in the house.

She said: “‘If things were kicking off inside, right from the year dot, I’d say: ‘Right… outside!’ You come back in again and the mood is entirely different.

“‘Louise would take herself off on her bike, and James is very self-motivated to get out, so actually, it was never a struggle.

Lady Louise

Lady Louise took herself out on her bike to avoid the tension (Image: GETTY)

Lady Louise

Lady Louise: The pair were thankful of their home and grounds (Image: GETTY)

“‘There were certainly moments when I think we all felt a bit low.

“‘But then you have to sit there and go, hang on – look at our wonderful surroundings, we are very, very lucky, and so many other people are not in that situation.

“‘Had we been sitting in an apartment, you know in a tenement block.

“‘My heart goes out to people in that situation’.”

Lady Louise

Lady Louise is a keen equestrian (Image: GETTY)

Louise is a keen equestrian and has taken up carriage driving.

It is thought Prince Philip taught Louise to drive a team of horses.

She has been seen multiple times doing so and participated in the Champagne Laurent-Perrier Meet of British Driving Society, leading two horses around the Great Windsor roads in July.

Louise’s mother has become an important figure in the Royal Family and is allegedly a close confidant of the Queen.Lady Louise

Lady Louise: The Countess praised the Queen (Image: GETTY)

Lady Louise

Lady Louise is also a keen carriage-driver (Image: GETTY)

Last month, Louise celebrated Her Majesty for helping to eliminate trachoma in Gambia.

In April, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced the disease had been eliminated.

According to the WHO, the bacterial infection is a major health problem in 44 countries and around 137 million people are believed to be at risk globally.

Sophie said: “Her Majesty is so supportive of this kind of work.

“For her to have chosen sight as the main pillar of The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust Fund during its time was so reaffirming.

“She has genuinely taken a personal interest in that work.

Lady Louise

Lady Louise: The family lives in Surrey (Image: GETTY)

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