King Charles brought his own car which was used by beloved mother all the way to Germany


The King and Queen Consort have been using their State Bentley while in Germany, as the late Queen did back in 2015.

King Charles and Camilla arrive for state banquet in Germany
King Charles and the Queen Consort Camilla were spotted travelling around in their State Bentley while in Germany on their first state visit as monarchs. Queen Elizabeth also drove around in the car while on her own own official trip to the country in 2015, as is common practice for the royals when they travel overseas.

Hello! magazine reported that Bentley transported the car to Germany themselves at their own expense.

The King and Queen Consort travelled to Berlin by plane, flying on the RAF Voyager with two German fighter jets escorting Their Majesties’ plane as it arrived, as a mark of respect.

While in Germany on the third day of their tour Charles and Camilla travelled by train from Berlin to Hamburg.

World leaders often arrange for their own cars to be transported for trips abroad, with President Joe Biden using his armoured limousine ‘The Beast’ at the Queen’s state funeral in September.


The King and Queen Consort on their three-day trip to Germany (Image: Getty)


The royal State Bentley in Hamburg (Image: Getty)

Bentley manufactured two State Bentleys for Her Majesty as a gift for her Golden Jubilee in 2002.

For the protection of those travelling inside, the bodywork and glass are armoured while the cabin can be sealed in case of a gas attack and is blast-resistant, while the tyres are Kevlar-reinforced.

The Queen used the cars right up until her death, with Princess Anne being driven in the State Bentley while accompanying her mother’s coffin as it made its way to London from Scotland.

Queen at Royal British Legion Industries Village

Queen Elizabeth drove in the State Bentley right up until her death (Image: Getty)

The King Visits The Felix Project

The King arriving to the Felix Project in London in the State Bentley (Image: Getty)

The vehicle is instead powered by a sustainable mix of wine and cheese, in accordance with Charles’s passionate promotion of environmental issues and protecting the planet.

The car was a gift for his 21st birthday, with the King admitting he has always had a fondness for cars “before we knew what the problem was”.

Speaking in 2021 he said: “My old Aston Martin, which I had for 51 years, that I managed to convert, that now runs on waste products.

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The King with his Aston Martin, which runs on wine and cheese (Image: Getty)

The bioethanol is produced by a Gloucestershire-based company called Green Fuels, who originally told the King it was possible to transform his beloved car in a sustainable way.

The group, which has since earned a Royal Warrant of Appointment, said they could supply waste-derived bio-ethanol produced from a combination of wine and cheese.

The wine is unsuitable for human consumption and whey is a by-product of cheese manufacturing.


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