Kate’s area of ‘brilliance’ pinpointed as Princess of Wales supports William at banquet


The Princess of Wales attended her first state banquet back in 2015.

The Prince and Princess of Wales initially welcomed South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, at The Corinthia Hotel in London on behalf of the King on Tuesday.

On Tuesday evening, a state banquet was held in President Ramaphosa’s honour at Buckingham Palace.

But the banquet, a key event for the Princess of Wales in her new position, will have been a “big deal” for Kate, according to royal expert Ingrid Seward.

The editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine predicted the Prince and Princess of Wales will be “seated at the top” of the table, where they “will support the King and Queen”.

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The Princess of Wales looked stunning in a white Jenny Packham dress (Image: Getty)

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The Prince and Princess of Wales arrived together (Image: Getty)

She described the possibility of state banquets becoming “stilted”, but said that Kate “will always find a way” to keep things lively.

Ms Seward then compared the current Princess of Wales to the late Princess Diana, who was thought to have struggled during high profile royal events.

Ms Seward told The Mirror: “The last Princess of Wales did not like state banquets.

“Diana admitted she cut up her food, moved it around her plate and brought her fork to her mouth a couple of times without taking a mouthful.


The Princess of Wales attended the banquet alongside the South African president (Image: Getty)

“She took the same precautions with alcohol.

“To make up for her calorie deficiency, she would grab a sandwich or a piece of chocolate afterward.”

Reflecting on Diana’s behaviour at this type of royal engagement, Ms Seward said the late royal would speak “politely with guests on either side of her, but she was bored”.

But the current Princess of Wales is “very different”, she argued.


The banquet will be a ‘big deal’ for the Prince and Princess of Wales (Image: Getty)

She said of Kate: “She doesn’t suffer the same nerves as Diana and has a higher boredom threshold.

“Like Diana she is brilliant at making small talk and knows the areas she can discuss and those to avoid.

“But she doesn’t have that rebellious streak that made Diana want to say outrageous things.”


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