Kate tried to draw parallels with ‘most-beloved Queen’ in history…but not Elizabeth II


KATE MIDDLETON took inspiration from the “beloved Royal” in history for her famous trio, an author claimed.

Kate Middleton turned 40 on January 9 who celebrated a very “low-key” birthday due to the increasing number in COVID-19. The Duchess portraits were snapped by fashion photographer Paolo Roversi who has worked with celebrities and supermodels before. Christopher Andersen claimed that the fashion photographer works featured in Vanity fair, Vogue alongside designers Oscar De La Renta. The Duchess has always been fond of photography who has studied at St. Andrew’s University and wrote her thesis on Lewis Caroll’s photographic interpretation of childhood connection with Victorian photography.

Mr Andersen, an author of Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan, said on Royally US: “You know his work appears in Vogue and Vanity Fair and he works with a great designers Valentino and you know all of them Oscar De La Renta and so on and Kate come brings to the table this knowledge of photography.

“I mean she studied it at St. Andrews university her dissertation was actually in Victorian photography so I think she tried to draw a parallel specifically in one picture, there are three pictures that were released and one is almost a mirror image of a picture that was taken a photograph of Edward the seventh wife Princess Alexandra she was Queen but she was the Princess of Denmark so that was your title and she was incredibly popular you know she put up Alexandra put up the Edward VII for husbands infidelities famously but she was one of the most beloved Royals in history.”

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton (Image: Getty )

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton celebrated her 40th birthday on January 9 (Image: PAOLO ROVERSI/KENSINGTON PALACE/PA WIRE – GETTY)

Kate was hugely inspired by the creations of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Sir David Coyle Burne-Jones for the poses of her images.

Royally Obsessed host Roberta Fiorito: “Kate Middleton has this connection to Victorian photography that I didn’t know.

“She wrote her thesis at the University of St. Andrews on Lewis Caroll’s photographic interpretation of childhood which was definitely Victorian era.

“She does have a lot of knowledge of that style and she requested that…she showed him portraits from Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Sir David Coyle Burne-Jones, pre-Raphaelite,

“She had a mood board basically, that’s what I’m trying to say.”

Kate Middleton’s mood board reflected the ideas of beauty and glamorous lifestyle of Princess Alexandra of Denmark, who became the Princess of Wales and Queen Consort to King Edward VII.

The Palace source said: “From the three photographs, you can see the three aspects of Kate’s personality.

“There is the regal side to her – as you can see in the classic shot where she is looking off into the distance; there is the more informal image in the red dress as a modern woman at 40; and then there is the close-up, which offers a more intimate perspective.”

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton released portraits of herself to mark the milestone birthday (Image: PAOLO ROVERSI/KENSINGTON PALACE/PA WIRE – GETTY)

Former Royal photographer Ian Lloyd told DailyMail: “This is a fascinating departure from the early, very rigid images – the posed engagement photos and the later emphasis we’ve seen on family life, as well as her own natural style of photographing her children in familiar surroundings.

“They are reminiscent of the Patrick Demarchelier images of Diana – black-and-white, minimalist background, very romantic.

“Both show women with growing confidence able to shine on their own, away from the family.”

The source expressed that Kate’s portrait which is known to be a permanent part of the National Portrait Gallery in 2023 signifies her as someone who “very much sees her role as bringing the nation and communities together.”


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