Kate ‘playing long game’ to avoid falling into Diana trap that could ‘backfire’ on Duchess


KATE has had a “slow, steady progression” to becoming an iconic senior royal unlike her late mother-in-law Princess Diana, according to an expert.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, “got a bit of flack” early into her royal career over her reluctance to adopt “exciting” fashion trends, a commentator has claimed. Bethan Holt, the Telegraph’s fashion news and features director, said that the future queen consort tried to avoid drawing comparisons to Princess Diana Speaking to the Royally Obsessed podcast, the author of ‘The Duchess of Cambridge: A Decade of Modern Royal Style’ broke down Kate’s “long game”.

She told listeners: “I actually really respect her for not diving into fashion immediately.

“I think she maybe got a bit of flack for that originally.

“People were saying that her looks weren’t as exciting as they could have been.

“But you have to think about all the history that was behind her.”

Ms Holt continued: “I know people hate comparisons to Diana, but they were bound to happen.

“She could have dived into just embracing every fashion trend out there and being a fashion plate, that would have backfired.

“So I really liked this slow, steady progression that we’ve seen.”

kate middleton duchess of cambridge fashion diana

Ms Holt said: ‘So I really liked this slow, steady progression that we’ve seen.’ (Image: KENSINGTON PALACE)

The fashion expert added: “It really shows the confidence that she has in herself and the long game that she’s playing.

“We’ve got decades more of Kate to come.

“She’s not peaked too soon, it’s all very exciting.”

kate middleton duchess of cambridge fashion diana


According to Royally Obsessed hosts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie, the Duchess did give a “subtle nod” to Diana back in November when she spoke to Armed Forces families as part of Remembrance week.

Ms Fiorito told listeners: “She wore a white silk blouse with a black scallop collar and a red Remembrance poppy pinned to it.

“It was very distinct, it really stood out to me because it’s so different from the softer colours and florals she’s worn.

“Whenever she wears an embellished collar like that, sort of a Peter Pan style, it’s a subtle nod to Diana.

“After she gave birth to Louis, she also wore a Peter Pan collar.”


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