Kate Middleton’s ‘self-protective’ gesture suggests ‘discomfort’ in recent appearances


KATE MIDDLETON, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William recently restarted their in-person appearances. What did a body language expert think of their signals?

The Duchess joined the Royal Family in 2011 when she married Prince William in Westminster Abbey.

Kate is now a senior working member of the family and makes regular appearances.

The royal even attends events on behalf of the monarch.

The pandemic has meant that the couple have switched their in-person appearances for online calls, although they have made a few public visits in the last couple of weeks.

What did body language expert Judi James think of their signals?

Speaking to Express.co.uk, the expert explained that Kate’s body language has changed since Meghan’s bombshell interview with Oprah aired.

She said: “In the wake of all the fallout from Megxit and the royal re-shuffle that resulted, and with a country placed into lock-down, Kate’s body language signals did suggest some kind of a transformation.

“Her confidence signals increased and so did her capacity for performance as she stepped out in front of the cameras to reveal an impressive talent for presenting to camera and speaking over video link.

“Kate began to take centre stage in her own right at last and her body language gained in the kind of traits that suggest strength and power.

“Her pitch-perfect smile morphed into some genuine laughter to suggest a more relaxed approach to royal appearances and when she was with William and the children she looked like the strength that was holding the group together while he coped with the battle with his brother and Harry’s subsequent exit to the US.”

Analysing the recent photos of Kate in-public, the expert used her expertise to suggest that Kate’s body language has changed.

Judi added: “That Oprah interview does appear to have had as much an impact on Kate as William though, perhaps more.

“Her body language in these photographs show a return to her trait of self-diminishing, i.e. holding her hands clasped over her clutch bag in front of her torso in a self-protective gesture.”

Kate can be seen placing her clutch bag in front of her body on a visit to Newham ambulance station.

She was joined by William and the royals spoke to staff at the station about how they were coping with the pandemic.

The expert went on: “Even her elbows look raised and bent to keep the bag slightly higher and therefore more of a barrier.

The Duchess joined the Royal Family in 2011 when she married Prince William in Westminster Abbey

The Duchess joined the Royal Family in 2011 when she married Prince William in Westminster Abbey (Image: NC)

“In more normal times the gesture might, along with William’s rather protective-looking rituals, have started speculation over a new royal baby, but these behaviours also fit with what could be reactions to the claims and comments made during the US interview.”

The first in-person appearance from the couple this year was a trip to School 21 in Stratford.

The visit was to celebrate the return of children heading back to school following the third national lockdown.

This visit from Kate and William also came just days after Meghan’s interview with Oprah aired.

Judi said: “Kate looks slightly isolated here and even performs a head or hair-touching gesture that can also be a barrier ritual suggesting discomfort.

“It’s when she crouches right down to chat to the small children that we can see some of the more active and animated Kate return although the way she has crossed her arms on her knees does suggest she’s holding back slightly out of empathy for the children.

“It was one of their first days back after the long lockdown break and Kate was clearly aware of the importance to not overwhelm them during this royal visit.”


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