Kate ‘didn’t try to put herself in the spotlight’ as she helped Charles during state visit


Kate, Princess of Wales, supported King Charles and Queen Camilla on Tuesday during the first-ever state visit and banquet held during the monarch’s new reign.

“However, it is not an overpowering colour like a vibrant red or blue and she is not attempting to put herself in the spotlight.”

The Princess of Wales, the expert also said, operated so in tune with her husband when they met President Ramaphosa at the Corinthia Hotel in London they almost brought to mind “professional dancers”.

He said: “Included in official photos of the Prince and Princess greeting the president of South Africa, there is a great shot of William and Kate standing with him in the middle.

Kate smiling in a purple dress

Kate donned a purple ensemble to greet President Ramaphosa to the UK (Image: GETTY)

Prince William joking with Camilla

Kate and Prince William looked very ‘synchronised’ during the ceremonial welcome (Image: GETTY)

“What is most striking about this photograph is looking at how both William and Kate are standing in relation to the president, it is a great shot where everyone is smiling with a genuine smile.

“However, the Prince and Princess of Wales both put their hands forward, they are matching and mirroring each other unconsciously which demonstrates they are both on the same page, both thinking the same thing and operating almost like professional dancers as they are so synchronised.”

Mr Stanton added Kate and William adopted a “submissive gesture”, which can also be read as a “sign of respect”, when they placed their hands in front of them to pose for an official picture with the politician.

He continued: “You’ll often see people adopt this stance at a funeral or some other solemn occasion, so what they’re really doing is unconsciously paying the South African president due respect as he stands with his hands to his side.”

Kate and Prince William posing for a picture with Cyril Ramaphosa

Kate and Prince William placed their hands in front of them while posing for this picture (Image: GETTY)

Kate smiling while speaking with Prince William and Camilla

Kate became the Princess of Wales on September 9 (Image: GETTY)

The heir to the throne, Mr Stanton added, has developed over the past months “a fantastic set of new skills in terms of making others feel very comfortable”.

Suggesting the Prince of Wales has grown extensively into his prominent role in the Firm, he explained: “He makes certain gestures like placing his hand over his heart which is a submissive gesture.

“I noticed as they walked onto the stage and walked past Camilla he made this gesture with his hands, placing them against his chest.

Kate in a white cape dress at the state banquet

Kate wore the Lover’s Knot Tiara at the state banquet (Image: GETTY)

Following the ceremonial welcome, Prince William and Kate were among the royals to join King Charles and Queen Camilla at Buckingham Palace as President Ramaphosa was shown an exhibition of Royal Collection’s items relating to South Africa exposed in the Picture Gallery.

On Tuesday evening, the Waleses returned to Buckingham Palace for the first-ever state banquet hosted by Charles since his accession to the throne.

While supporting the King and Queen in entertaining the dozens of guests at the Palace, Kate donned the Lover’s Knot Tiara, a diamond and pearl-encrusted headpiece made in 1914 given as a wedding gift by the late Queen to Princess Diana, as well as a cape Jenny Packham floor-length gown.

The royal was also seen with the GCVO Star and Sash, as well as the four-strand pearl bracelet belonging to the late Elizabeth II and Diana’s diamond and pearl drop earrings.


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