Kate cuddles child and sweetly calms man’s nerves by reassuring him ‘we all get nervous’


Kate, Princess of Wales, visited Leeds today to promote the launch of her new early years’ campaign, Shaping us.

Kate showed a natural touch with royal fans as she visited Kirkgate Market this morning. The Princess of Wales headed to Leeds to promote the launch of her new initiative focused on early childhood development, Shaping Us.

At the famous market, which gathers dozens of local and independent businesses and more than 120,000 visitors a week, Kate was warmly welcomed by well-wishers stopping her for a chat, a handshake or a picture.

Among them was a man who managed to catch the Princess’ attention by asking for a selfie.

As Kate approached him with a smile, the royal fan apologised, saying he was “really nervous”.

Calming his nerves, the Princess sweetly told him: “Please don’t worry, that’s okay. We all get nervous.”

Kate posing for a selfie

Kate calmed the nerves of a royal fan during this morning’s walkabout (Image: GB NEWS/CAMERON WALKER/GETTY)

Kate stroking the arm of a baby

Kate cuddled a baby during a walkabout in Leeds (Image: SIMON PERRY/TWITTER)

Elsewhere during the walkabout under the roof of the Grade-I listed building, Kate was also spotted chatting with a mum holding her baby in front of her.

While she chatted with the fellow parent, the Princess couldn’t help but give a small cuddle to the adorable baby.

Before moving on with her visit, Kate stroked the child’s arm wrapped up in an adorable and warm down jacket.

During today’s engagement, Kate chatted with locals and business owners about their experiences of early childhood.

The visit to the market was followed by a trip to the University of Leeds for a meeting with students on the Childhood Studies degree programme.

Kate waving at a fan

Kate visited a market in Leeds today (Image: GETTY)

This course places the early years at the centre of study and uses a multidisciplinary lens to gain a holistic view of both baby and childhood.

Kate’s engagement at the University saw the Princess joining a lecture focused on attachment theory, looking in particular at how relationships formed in early childhood provide a template for later life and set the foundation for the baby’s future wellbeing, learning and behaviour.

This lecture, part of the “psychological approaches to understanding and supporting children’s learning” module, was followed by a meeting between Kate and some of the course’s students.

The issues taught to these students are the cornerstones of Kate’s work on the early years, which has been her focus for the past decade.

Kate speaking with students

Kate met students from the University of Leeds today (Image: GETTY)

Kate smiling

Kate launched Shaping Us today (Image: GETTY)

To shape policies and further inform people of the importance of the first five years of a baby’s life, where the brain develops the fastest, Kate has launched today Shaping Us.

Announcing the launch of the new initiative by her Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood, Kate said in a video message: “Our early childhood, the time from pregnancy to the age of five, fundamentally shapes the rest of our lives.

“But as a society we currently spend much more of our time and energy on later life.

“Today, the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood is launching a new campaign, Shaping Us, to raise awareness of the life changing impact we can have when we build a supportive, nurturing world around children and those who care for them.

“Because by focusing our collective time, energy and resources on those most preventative years, we can make a huge difference to the physical and mental health and happiness of generations to come.”


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