‘Invaluable’ new evidence reveals Wallis Simpson slept with playboy while Edward VIII away


NEW EVIDENCE described as “invaluable” and shown to Express.co.uk reveals that Wallis Simpson was sleeping with a millionaire playboy in France while her husband Edward VIII was in England visiting his dying younger brother, King George VI.

Dated September 28, 1951, it lays out in granular detail how the two lovers wined and dined in the French capital before spending the night together.

Meanwhile, Wallis’ husband Edward was 200 miles away in London, visiting his brother King George VI as he recovered from an operation to remove his cancerous left lung.

Dossier 696 reads: “Subject: Duchess of Windsor’s stay in Paris.

“The Duchess of Windsor, claiming to be unwell, yesterday morning expressed the intention of staying in her room all day.

‘Invaluable’ new evidence reveals Wallis Simpson slept with playboy while Edward VIII away

‘Invaluable’ new evidence reveals Wallis Simpson slept with playboy while Edward VIII away (Image: GETTY)

Exiled from UK: Edward and Wallis lived in France

Exiled from UK: Edward and Wallis lived in France (Image: GETTY)

“However, at about 3pm, she went out to attend the presentation of the collection by Christian Dior and returned to her residence at 5:50pm.

“At about 8pm, Mr James Donahue came to pick her up. Together they had dinner at the restaurant ‘Paprika’ 14, rue Chaucat and finished the evening at the cabaret de Monseigneur, rue de Amsterdam.

“Mr Donahue accompanied the Duchess to her residence at about 2:20am and did not leave the hotel in the Rue de Faisanderie himself until 5am.”

The revelation that French spies were watching the two lovers’ secret rendezvous was dubbed “invaluable” by Dr Lownie.

The historian explained how Edward had already been under observation by the intelligence agencies of Austria, the UK, Portugal and the US.

Jimmy Donahue: US playboy had affair with Wallis

Jimmy Donahue: US playboy had affair with Wallis (Image: GETTY)

“Such files are invaluable to the biographer, giving the movements of subjects, who they met and when, providing physical descriptions and even actual conversations.

“They all help build a picture and one has to be grateful that at least these French files have been retained.”

Just five days before spies caught Wallis and Donahue in one of their late-night trysts, George VI was going under the knife at Buckingham Palace.

Surgeons drafted into the royal residence were successful in removing the cancerous left lung of the heavy-smoking monarch.

Wallis Simpson: Had affairs during Edward marriage

Wallis Simpson: Had affairs during Edward marriage (Image: GETTY)

However, he died five months later aged 56, with many attributing his ill health in part to the stresses of World War 2 and his brother’s abdication.

The King had acceded to the throne unexpectedly after his elder brother abdicated to marry Wallis less than a year after himself taking to the throne.

Edward’s bold gesture led to his and Wallis’ relationship being dubbed “the greatest romance of the 20th Century”.

However, 15 years after the abdication, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’s marriage was in crisis.

Wallis’ affair with Donahue – who until then had only had relationships with other men – was just one of many secret romances, and Edward eventually confronted her about her infidelities.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the Windsor files when contacted by Express.co.uk.

‘Traitor King: The Scandalous Exile of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor’ was written by Andrew Lownie and published by Blink Publishing in 2021.An updated version has just been published.

Dr Lownie also appears in Channel 4 documentary, ‘Edward VIII Britain’s Traitor King’ on Sunday from 7p.


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