‘I stand beside you’ Prince William pens heartfelt letter to ex-marine after arson attack


PRINCE WILLIAM has sent a letter of praise to an ex-Royal Marine after he lost his home in County Durham to an arson attack.

The Duke of Cambridge, 39, praised the work of the former sergeant in the Royal Marines after his home was destroyed in an arson attack earlier this year. Sean Ivey, 38, from Wingate in County Durham, believes anti-social behaviour in the area led to the destructive attack on his home in March.

“For a person to be put in such a position, simply due to having the moral courage to stand up for what is right, is reprehensible; I stand beside you.”

Mr Ivey said he felt “honoured” to receive his letter from Prince William on Thursday.

But the 38-year-old, who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, was also left surprised about how the future King signed off his letter.

“It hasn’t even got Prince William or His Royal Highness Prince William or Duke of Cambridge, it’s William,” he said.

William in Pakistan

‘I stand beside you’ Prince William pens heartfelt letter to ex-marine after arson attack (Image: Getty)

Prince William writing

Prince William writing (Image: Getty)

The father-of-two claimed the fact the Royal Family understands the problem anti-social behaviour has on communities means other people in power should take note.

He told the BBC: “He [Prince William] recognises the problem and I am honoured that he has said that.

“At the same time, once again, it highlights how much of an issue it is.

“If our own Royal Family are recognising this problem in our society, I think other powers that be should also take more swift action to eradicate it.”

A total of five people were arrested in connection with the attack but charges were dropped in May.

Royal Marines in Afghanistan

Mr Ivey served with the Royal Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq (Image: Getty)

Prince William in military uniform

Prince William in military uniform (Image: Getty)

A spokesman from Durham Police said the constabulary “carried out a full and thorough investigation” but added there was “insufficient evidence to support the charge and no further action will be taken”.

After the attack on March 20, Mr Ivey said: “I just woke up in bed and felt the need to look out the window.

“I shouted to my wife that the car was on fire, go and get the kids.”

The ex-Royal Marine added: “[There have been] burglaries, car fines, this is quite extreme but these aren’t isolated events.

“I’m just absolutely fed up of the anti-social behaviour, the lack of respect, the lack of discipline, and where does it stop?”

Prince William

Prince William (Image: Getty)

Mr Ivey forgot to renew his home insurance policy before the attack.

Kevin Miller, a former 45 Commando colleague of Mr Ivey, set up an online campaign with an initial target of £2,000 to donate to the family.

Mr Miller’s campaign has helped raise over £300,000 for the family.

Mr Ivey, who now works as a primary school teacher, is also setting up a charity to help give support to young people in County Durham.


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