How Kate and Prince William will ‘take a leaf’ from Diana after coronavirus lockdown


KATE, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William will “take a leaf” from Princess Diana as they show how “life can resume to normality” after the coronavirus lockdown has eased, one royal expert has claimed.

In 1987, the Princess of Wales was the first member of the Royal Family to touch someone with AIDS. A famous photograph of her shaking a patient’s hand without wearing gloves challenged the incorrect belief that AIDS could be transmitted by touch. At the time she said: “HIV does not make people dangerous to know.

“You can shake their hands and give them a hug.

“Heaven knows they need it.”

Her actions helped to change the public’s attitude towards people with AIDS.

The current NHS advice is to stay two metres away from anyone you do not live with when outside your home, avoiding shaking hands fully, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

William and Kate

The Duke and Duchess have been performing their royal duties via zoom (Image: GETTY )

Princess Diana and AIDS patient

Princess Diana helped to change people’s views on AIDS (Image: GETTY )

However, guidelines are expected to change as lockdown gradually eases.

Author of ‘Prince Andrew: Epstein and the Palace’, Nigel Cawthorne, told FEMAIL that he believes the Cambridges will “take a leaf from Prince William and Harry’s mother during the AIDS epidemic” in their approach once the coronavirus lockdown has been lifted.

The royal author also highlighted that the Duke and Duchess are not at any risk categories for COVID-19.

Prince William

Prince William is not in an at risk category for COVID-19 (Image: GETTY )

Mr Cawthorne said: “We now know how AIDS is transmitted, but there was a lot of uncertainty at the time.

“Ironically, at the time, shaking hands couldn’t transmit the virus, and their mother made a point of doing so to counter the stigma and spread comfort.

“I think her sons will seek to do the same and show how life can resume to normality, while sticking to the safety rules on transmission further to the latest guidance – washing hands frequently, wearing a face mask, particularly when coughing and sneezing or when exercising or singing, or mingling in a large group.

“Unless pregnant with child, they are not part of the ‘at risk’ demographic and will want to show that coronavirus may have changed lives, but it will not limit our hopes for the future.”

Dr Marc Van Ranst, an epidemiologist at the KU Leuven University in Belgium, has claimed that hugging will be “safer than shaking hands” after the lockdown.

Diana shaking hands with patient

The Duke and Duchess could follow Diana’s lead (Image: GETTY )

The Duke and Duchess have been carrying out their royal duties via zoom throughout the pandemic.

They are expected to resume their duties when government guidance allows so.

The Duke and Duchess are likely to have to get involved with more royal duties than ever as the Queen and Prince Charles are both in the at risk groups for COVID-19.

In the UK, the Government has faced criticism after it has emerged many children will not go back to school until September.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak even compared the school closures being as damaging to the economy as the 2008 credit crunch.


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