‘He’s blown it’ Prince Charles’s image tarnished by ‘poor judgement’, says Meghan’s author


MEGHAN MARKLE’S biographer has claimed that despite making strides in “diplomacy and compassion”, Prince Charles has “well and truly blown” his chance to improve his public image.

For instance, the biographer highlighted how the Prince of Wales did not “shy away from uncomfortable conversations about Britain’s imperialist past and historic role in the slave trade” during his visit to Rwanda last week for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. Mr Scobie said that while usually the group sees “painful legacies such as these swept to one side”, Prince Charles instead made it his priority to describe the depths of his “personal sorrow at the suffering of so many.”

While many were hoping for an apology for the slave trade, which the heir did not provide, his words “showed a willingness to support realms choosing to break away from colonial roots.”

Prince Charles’s image tarnished by ‘poor judgement’, says Meghan Markle's author

Prince Charles’s image tarnished by ‘poor judgement’, says Meghan Markle’s author (Image: Getty)

The Prince said: “Each member’s Constitutional arrangement, as republic or monarchy, is purely a matter for each member country to decide.”

Mr Scobie blasted Prince WIlliam’s efforts in similar conversations after his “failed” Caribbean visit. The Royal writer said in these instances, William “caused offence” by handling them “with such little tact.”

Prince Charles also went on to say he was furthering his understanding of “slavery’s enduring impact”.

Mr Scobie quoted a Royal source saying: “He believes there is a fundamental gap in national awareness of the trade, despite Britain’s direct involvement in it.”

He added: “While there is an argument that the prince needs to tone down his political views as a future king, I have always found it admirable that, despite the constrictions of his role, he has been unafraid to address issues that others consider too political—from the environment and Islamophobia to youth unemployment.”

Prince Charles’s image tarnished by ‘poor judgement’, says Meghan Markle's author

Qatar’s former Prime Minister and billionaire Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani (Image: Getty)

The controversial sheikh previously admitted that under his Government Qatar “maybe” financed the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda without his knowledge. But the new revelation could put the future King’s succession to the throne in jeopardy, royal commentator Tom Bower claimed.

Mr Bower, who is working on a biography of Meghan Markle, said the revelation has exposed Charles’ “poor judgement”.

Prince Charles’s image tarnished by ‘poor judgement’, says Meghan Markle's author

Despite strides in the right direction, Mr Scobie claims Charles has “blown it” (Image: Getty)

Mr Scobie appeared to share this view, arguing that while the transaction was legal, “the incidents demonstrate a total lack of awareness of the way in which such deals were done.

“How can a senior royal believe accepting a suitcase of cash is a sensible way to fund a charity?”

The Prince passed the cash, including one stash in a suitcase, on to The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund, which insisted it carried out all necessary checks before accepting. Charities can take large cash donations but must be alert to money laundering.

The Charity Commission said they will not be quizzing Charles about his involvement in the donation, but are considering a formal probe.


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