‘He was absolutely bereft’: Prince Harry ‘was about to explode’ during funeral


The royal expert said he “felt very sorry for him”.

Mr Myers, who was sat to the “south-east of the coffin”, said: “As I scribbling notes of the funeral, I looked up and I saw Harry not singing the national anthem.

“[and] I thought, that’s extraordinary.”

Following close inspection of the footage, he added: “I can confidently say that he wasn’t doing that out of any fury.

“I think he was, at that moment, he was about to explode with emotion.”

prince harry queen funeral

Prince Harry was visibly emotional on Monday (Image: PA)

prince harry queen funeral

Prince Harry was sat behind his father, King Charles III (Image: PA)

He added: “We saw it, the whole ten, eleven days, that this is a man who at every twist and turn, being discussed about why he wasn’t wearing his uniform, why he wasn’t allowed to salute.

“[and] why he wasn’t travelling with the rest of the family.

“For all his faults, I think that he was absolutely bereft.

He concluded: “I felt very sorry for him”.

In Westminster Abbey, the same place that the Queen’s Coronation took place in 1953, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were sat behind King Charles and the Queen Consort.

Although some reports suggested the seating arrangement was a snub, hosts of Royally Us Christina Garibaldi and Christine Ross, argued that the newly-appointed King wanted his son “close”.

Speaking on a recent episode, Ms Garibaldi said: “A lot of people were saying that it was a snub to have him [Harry] behind King Charles at Westminster Abbey. A lot of people were also saying that he wasn’t singing ‘God Save The King’. There’s always this sort of speculation.”

Ms Ross added: “I actually think Prince Harry being right behind his father kept them quite close.

“That front row was the Queen’s children who were bearing tremendous grief — this was their mother.”prince harry queen funeral procession

Prince Harry joined the coffin procession after the Queen’s funeral (Image: PA)

The couple were originally in the UK to attend various events for charities “close to their hearts”.

Their trip was extended due to the late monarch’s passing.


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