He served this country! Furious backlash after left-wing commentator’s Prince Philip swipe


A LEFT-WING activist has faced a furious backlash for launching “classless” attacks on Prince Philip shortly after his death.

Ms Sarkar was critical of the coverage dedicated to the Royal Family following the prince’s death.

She even claimed that the royals were using the Duke of Edinburgh’s death as an “opportunity to launder” Prince Andrew’s battered reputation over his links to convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

While keen to point out any of the royals’ shortcomings, she was altogether quieter about DMX’s less than illustrious past.

The 50-year-old’s rap sheet featured lengthy prison spells and convictions from crimes including theft, failing to pay child support and animal cruelty.

Prince Philip

Prince Philip died on Friday (Image: Getty)

This controversy was jumped on by right-thinking Brits – who rightly slammed the left-wing activist.

One wrote: “Exactly what to expect from ‘a left-wing activist’. Banality, disproportion, ignorance and lack of basic compassion.”

Another fumed: “Free speech. Would that ‘left wing’ (whatever that is) Twitter fight for their country?

“Would they commit to 70 something years of marriage and lifetime of service? Just wondering.”

A third raged: “Left-wingers. People like Phillip went to war so they could speak garbage.”

Many others pointed out the duke’s military service during World War Two – during which he was mentioned in dispatches for his bravery.

A third said: “MILLIONS went to WAR – Some NEVER RETURNED. They are the heroes who gave their lives.

“NOT a PAMPERED POOCH who must have been guarded heavily.”

Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew spoke after the sad news (Image: Getty)

Another said: “What a strange woman. By all means, mourn the death of the DMX.

“His violent criminal past, his drug-taking and child neglect fit just right in the woke world.”

A third pointed out: “I am no fan of royalty, BUT, he gave excellent service to his country.

“The other, a talentless wannabee, who also happened to be a devout criminal.”

Prince Philip

His death has left a “huge void” in the Queen’s life, Prince Andrew said (Image: Getty)

Ms Sarkar remained unapologetic in the face of such criticism.

One person tweeted her saying: “You are just a nasty piece of work!

“No respect for Britain just like your awful lefties!

“Slagging HRH Prince Phillip off. You are just garbage, end of! He has done more for Great Britain and the world than you ever will!”

She responded: “But did (Philip) he have bars (rapping ability)? I’m just asking.”


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