Harry warned criticism of King to backfire on Duke as Charles ‘part of country’s identity’


Prince Harry’s bombshell memoir will hit shelves on January 10, his publisher said, amid speculations he book could contain damaging allegations against the Royal Family.

Author and royal editor Robert Jobson told Sky News: “My feeling is that since Charles has become King, there’s a lot more empathy with him.

“The role of King is so different from being the heir to the throne. We will hace a hit of ownership in that.

“The king is part of our national identity. If you start criticising your King, you’re also criticising the country.

“And I don’t think this is going to go down too well for Harry.”

Prince Harry and Robert Jobson

Robert Jobson said Prince Harry could criticise the British people with his book (Image: GETTY TWITTER/@Sky News)

Robert Jobson

Robert Jobson warned the Harry’s book could backfire on. the Duke of Sussex (Image: TWITTER/@SKYNEWS)

“It would be a different story of the Queen was still alive, she’s not. And I think his big mistake is going forward with it.”

Asked how King Charles will feel about Harry’s book, author and royal editor Robert Jobson said: “There are lots of other things that Harry’s been doing that aren’t particularly charming in the last year or so.

“It’s not going to be easy. It’s coming directly from the inside. We won’t have as big as this Morton’s Diana true story, which was from the inside. Whatever he says, he’s going to have to take ownership of it.

“Even if there’s a subtle criticism, which there clearly is because we saw that in the Oprah interview with the way he was talking about his father – it’s not going to go down too well,” Mr Jobson added.Sky News' Kay Burley and Robert Jobson

Sky News’ Kay Burley and Robert Jobson discussed Harry’s upcoming memoir (Image: TWITTER/@SKYNEWS)

Prince Harry

Prince Harry could enter dangerous territory with his new memoir, a royal editor warned (Image: GETTY)

With news his book will be titled ‘Spare’ – a ‘loaded’ reference to his position as the younger brother of the heir to the throne – royal commentators have raised concerns about the damaging allegations it might contain.

“The title of the book sets a resentful tone from the start,” Commentator Nile Gardiner told Express.co.uk. “It will likely not be one that will be full of hope and aspiration. Rather it will be a book filled with a lot of rage and the title is a reflection of that anger.”

“This is going to be an angry and bitter book. It could do a great deal of damage to the royal family … This book could be the publishing equivalent of a grenade being thrown into Buckingham Palace,” Mr Gardiner added.     

Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s memoir will hit shelves on January 10 (Image: GETTY)

“Part of the difficulty not just for Prince Harry but anyone writing a memoir from a position of wealth and privilege is this is going to be coming out, particularly in Britain, in the middle of a cost of living crisis and what could be a really tough winter,” Royal author Gareth Russell told Royally US.

“It might not land as sympathetically as it might have at a more prosperous time.”

Prince Harry’s tell-all book will cover “with raw, unflinching honesty” moments from in and outside his life in the Royal Family ranging from his dedication to service to the joy he found at becoming a husband and father.


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