Harry says ‘I don’t want world to know’ on feud with Charles & William


Harry says ‘I don’t want world to know’ on feud with Charles & William

Prince Harry said he decided not to include several things in his memoir, titled Spare.

Prince Harry: Australian news hosts react to ‘Spare’ passage

Prince Harry said the original transcript of his autobiography, Spare, was twice as long as the final, 416-page draft.

A large part of the content he decided not to include, the Duke of Sussex said in a newly-released interview, concerned interactions between himself, Prince William and King Charles.

Speaking to the Telegraph’s Bryony Gordon, Harry said the “hard bit” was choosing what to take out of the book.

Explaining why he didn’t disclose some of his exchanges with his closest royal relatives, the Duke said: “There are some things that have happened, especially between me and my brother, and to some extent between me and my father, that I just don’t want the world to know.” He added he doesn’t think the pair “would ever forgive me” if he did make those revelations.

Three pictures showing King Charles, Prince Harry and Prince William

Prince Harry has enough material to write another memoir, he said (Image: GETTY)

Kate left ‘baffled’ by Prince Harry Spare claims but hasn’t taken ‘much notice’

Kate, the Princess of Wales, was left “baffled” by Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, insiders have revealed.

The royal featured in several of the book’s most revelatory moments as the Prince recounted uncomfortable episodes between her and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.

While the Princess has reportedly moved on from these claims to focus on her work, these personal attacks left her initially “baffled”, the Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers claimed.

Prince William’s body language is ‘very slightly unsure’ – whereas Kate shows ‘resilience’

Judi James, a professional body language expert, analysed the Prince and Princess of Wales’ body language during their first outing following the release of Prince Harry’s book Spare.

The royals visited Merseyside on Thursday, when they met a number of mental and physical health professionals.

Ms James told Express.co.uk: “Kate and William’s response to Harry’s claims and accusations seems to be non-verbal, allowing their body language to do the talking rather than any written or verbal response.”

However, Judi argued that despite the aim for solidarity, Prince William displayed some “signals” which tell a different story.

She claimed: “The look is all about unity, defiance and resilience, but some of William’s underlying signals suggest we shouldn’t underestimate the effort this might have taken.

“Unlike his father, who appeared beaming and chuckling as though having one of his best days, William shows hints of his more sensitive side here.”

Prince William and Kate waving

Prince William and Kate visited Merseyside on Thursday (Image: GETTY)

Prince William ‘ain’t going to forgive and forget’ after Harry crossed ‘red line’ on Kate

Prince William is not going to “forgive and forget” Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s repeated attacks on Kate, the Princess of Wales, journalist Dan Wootton claimed.

Mr Wootton told US broadcaster Megyn Kelly: “William ain’t going to forgive and forget. His red line, by the way, was not the personal attacks on him, it was the attacks on Kate, his wife.

“He found that completely despicable when Meghan went on international television and claimed that Kate had made her cry.

“We’ve then seen more attacks on Kate in the Netflix documentary. But this book…William is presented as the villain of the piece. Harry has to know there are now permanent ramifications for his relationship with William.”


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