Harry poised to ‘trample on people’ but ‘will stay loving’ to Queen


Prince Harry’s memoir Spare will be released globally January 10, 2023.

Harry poised to 'trample on people' but 'will stay loving' to Queen

Harry poised to ‘trample on people’ but ‘will stay loving’ to Queen (Image: GETTY)

Prince William attends Tusk awards

On Tuesday, Prince William attended the Tusk Awards to celebrate “truly remarkable” people working on the front line in Africa.

In a message to Twitter, he said: “The commitment, innovation and courage they show is deeply humbling.”

QUIZ: Can you pass the UK citizenship test Meghan found ‘so hard’?

Meghan Markle has revealed that she struggled with studying for the UK citizenship test and admitted that even Prince Harry had “no idea” about some of the answers.

The Duchess of Sussex shared her experience of revising for the exam on the latest episode of her Spotify podcast series Archetypes titled ‘Good Wife/Bad Wife, Good Mom/Bad Mom’ which featured conversations with Sophie Trudeau, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, American actress and writer Pamela Adlon and comedian Sam Jay.

But can you pass our sample quiz?

Harry and Meghan may have ‘arranged deal’ with Netflix to be ‘left alone’ in Crown, claims

Mr Sacerdoti told Express.co.uk: “I do wonder if one of the reasons that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle haven’t taken a firm stand with Netflix by refusing to make their series is it didn’t change that sort of approach towards The Crown.

“I wonder if it might be some sort of arranged deal, spoken or unspoken that they have that will see them left alone in the crown if they provide their version of their story.”

The Crown’s creator Peter Morgan has confirmed the series will end with season six, taking the Royal Family into the early 2000s, though it is not yet clear where exactly.

He said: “I certainly think it would be undesirable for Meghan and Harry to have recent events described in The Crown, I know producers said they aren’t keen to go right up to the present day, but maybe that’s why they are so keen on this Netflix series, it might complete their extra piece of the jigsaw puzzle in them telling their story.”

Prince William urges world to focus on saving Africa’s wildlife at awards ceremony

Prince William has urged the world to remain focused on saving Africa’s wildlife tonight despite threats to the global economy amid the war in Ukraine.
The Prince of Wales, 40, said: “We are living through turbulent times and it is all too easy to lose sight of how critical it is that we look after our natural world.
“But we must remain focused on investing in nature and the environment, protecting it for future generations.
We must not pass on the baton to our children and grandchildren, apologising for our lack of collective action.
“Instead, we must all do more to support those who support our natural world, often at great risk to themselves.”

Prince William urges world to focus on saving Africa’s wildlife at awards ceremony (Image: GETTY)

Meghan admits struggling with UK citizenship test and asking Harry for help

During the latest episode of her Spotify podcast, Meghan Markle sat down with American actress and writer Pamela Adlon.

The two women went on to discuss getting UK citizenship, with the Duchess revealing that she struggled with studying for the test.

She said: “That citizenship exam is so hard! I was studying for it and I remember going: ‘Oh my goodness,’ I would ask my husband: ‘Did you know this? Did you know this?’ And he’d be like: ‘Oh, I had no idea.’

Pamela teased: “I think they made it harder for you.” To which Meghan said: “You think?”

And Pamela joked: “Yeah, they were like: ‘We’re gonna really throw up walls on this one!’”

The process of becoming a UK citizen is quite extensive; aside from the basic rules, such as being 18 years old and having no recent criminal record, a person must live in the UK for at least five years and prove they haven’t spent more than 450 days outside the country.

Meghan admits struggling with UK citizenship test and asking Harry for help (Image: GETTY)

Royal Family will be ‘collateral damage’ in Harry’s search for ‘closure’

The Royal Family will be “collateral damage” in Prince Harry’s search for closure with his tell-all memoir, it has been claimed.

Harry’s memoir, which will be released in 2023, is thought to contain explosive claims about the Firm.

BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond, told OK!, that she believes that Spare will be a difficult read for the whole Royal Family.

She added: “I can’t see that things are going to be very easy after January 10. But perhaps once Harry’s got it all out there, maybe it could mark a starting point to try to fully repair their relationship.

“I don’t think Harry’s a vindictive man and I don’t think he would hurt his family unnecessarily or wilfully.

“But I think Harry wants closure and I think [members of the royal family] are going to be the collateral damage in his journey towards that closure.”

Royal Family will be ‘collateral damage’ in Harry’s search for ‘closure’ (Image: GETTY)

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