Harry faces uproar after ‘tasteless’ game which mocks late Queen spotted in Netflix show


Eagle-eyed viewers spotted a “tasteless” card game that features “sick” and “offensive” jokes about the late Queen and her late husband Prince Philip in the background of Prince Harry’s room during the Netflix series.

It was spotted during the six-hour Netflix series in a photo of Harry posing in his military uniform inside Nottingham Cottage. Cards Against Humanity can be seen on the floor next to the Duke’s dressing table in the photograph.

Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty Magazine, said the box of cards in Harry’s room was telling. She told The Sun: “This game is sick. It is ridiculous and utterly tasteless whether you are a monarchist or not.”

A blurb on the box markets reads: “Unlike most party games you’ve played before, Cards Against Humanity is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends.”


A deck of Cards Against Humanity was spotted in the background of Prince Harry’s room (Image: NETFLIX)


Cards Against Humanity can be seen on the floor next to the Duke’s dressing table in the photograph (Image: NETFLIX)

The aim of the game is to choose an answer to a “fill-in-the-blank” card.

The winner of each round is the person who has chosen the most shocking and offensive answer card. It was created by a group of friends in Chicago who admitted one of their aims was to “tarnish” the Royal Family.

The cards not only mock the late Queen Elizabeth II but also her husband the late Duke of Edinburgh.

The cards also reference topics including the Holocaust,  the late Princess of Wales and king of pop, Michael Jackson.


The cards mock the late Queen Elizabeth II (Image: IG)

Since the game was only spotted in the photograph, it remains unclear whether the cards belong to Harry or Meghan or whether they have even played it

Viewers were divided over the reaction to the sighting of the cards in Harry’s room.

One viewer said they “could not believe it” when they saw the game’s black box packaging, because it “mocks the Queen and other members of the Royal Family”.


Some viewers questioned whether the outrage was proportionate (Image: NETFLIX)

They told The Sun: “I appreciate it might not be their game but it’s an amazing irony when you consider it appears on a programme where they’re talking about being offended.”

However, some viewers questioned whether the outrage was proportionate given that the card game is popular among many young people.

@MattieJameson tweeted: “I am no Harry fan but having a go at the fella for having a game of Cards Against Humanity in his home is beyond clutching at straws.”


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