Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein pictured cosying up at Queen’s Balmoral lodge


GHISLAINE MAXWELL and Jeffrey Epstein can be seen cosying up together at the Queen’s lodge in Balmoral, in pictures shown to the jury at the socialite’s trial.

In a previously unseen image, the pair appear side-by-side at the monarch’s Scottish retreat where Prince Andrew reportedly hosted the multi-millionaire in 1999. Prosecutors presented a series of photos linking Ms Maxwell to the American financier and convicted paedophile as evidence of their close relationship.

Ms Maxwell is accused of grooming underage girls for abuse between 1994 and 2004. She has pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking and seven other charges.

Her lawyers argue that she is being scapegoated for Epstein’s crimes.

In the Balmoral photo, Ms Maxwell cosies up to Epstein at a log cabin in Glen Beg in the same spot where the Queen has previously been pictured.

The FBI seized digital evidence from Epstein’s Manhattan home in a raid in 2019 which was shown to jurors on Tuesday.


Ghislaine Maxwell cosies up to Jeffrey Epstein at Balmoral (Image: US Attorney’s Office SDNY)


Ms Maxwell gives Epstein a foot rub (Image: US Attorney’s Office SDNY)

Several photographs show Ms Maxwell and Epstein together embracing or in close contact with each other as well as pictures of two of Ms Maxwell’s accusers in states of undress.

One image shows Ms Maxwell appearing to give Epstein a foot massage on board a jet while another reveals a portrait of her hung on a wall in a bathroom at his Florida home.

Another sees her kissing Epstein on holiday.

Jurors also heard on Tuesday a readout of a document found in a hard drive at Epstein’s home describing the pair as “rarely apart”.


A portrait of Ms Maxwell hangs in Epstein’s bathroom (Image: US Attorney ‘s Office SDNY)


Ms Maxwell kisses Epstein (Image: US Attorney’s Office SDNY)

Its unidentified author wrote: “Jeffrey and Ghislaine share many mutual interests and they have a lot of fun together. On top of being partners they are also best of friends”.

A woman named Carolyn alleged at Tuesday’s hearing that she had multiple sexual encounters with Epstein from the age of 14 until 18.

She was introduced to the pair by Virginia Roberts, whose surname is now Giuffre, who is one of Epstein’s accusers. Carolyn is named in the indictment as Minor Victim 4.

The witness told the court she dropped out of school after seventh grade and needed money.

Upon their first visit to Epstein’s Florida home, both girls say they took part in a massage which ended with Ms Roberts having sex with their host while Carolyn allegedly watched.

She claimed Ms Maxwell paid her $300 and took her phone number, before going on to say she had a great body for Epstein and his friends.

Carolyn said in court that she went back to the home more than 100 times, sometimes three times a week.

She added: “Something sexual happened every single time.”


Ms Maxwell, pictured here in 2015, is being held in a US jail (Image: Andrew Savulich/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

Jurors heard Ms Maxwell would often welcome her or provide an update as to where Epstein was. Carolyn called her Maxwell because she could not pronounce her first name.

She said Ms Maxwell would pay her each time, with more given when she took friends with her.

The witness added both adults knew she was very young, recalling an invitation to visit Epstein’s private island when she was 14.

She said she refused because she had no passport and her mother would not let her go.

Carolyn said she had a child by the age of 18 and returned to Epstein again when he asked if she had any younger friends, to which she replied no.

She continued: “That’s when I realised I was too old.”

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