George, Charlotte and Louis could question royal roles as William ‘dragged through mud’


PRINCE GEORGE, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will grow up fearing Royal Family life after watching their father Prince William being “dragged through the mud” following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, claimed CEO of Republic Graham Smith.

Republic is an organisation that campaigns for Queen Elizabeth II to be replaced as the UK’s head of state and the monarchy to be abolished.

Mr Smith said: “I think that everything that has happened recently will mean that George and his siblings are going to grow up thinking, ‘do we really want to put up with this?’

“They have now seen their uncle leave, they have seen their dad getting dragged through the mud on this, is this something they want to put up with?

“A lot of people are picking up on what Harry said about Charles and William being trapped and it is a good question, do they really want to do this?

“I would not be remotely surprised if when George is older he turns around and says why do you want me to do this? It is pointless.

“The flipside of that is the argument against the monarchy is going to become stronger and stronger, it is going to be a lot easier to make when the Queen is gone.

“Given that William is going to be around for another 50 years, the chances of George making it onto the throne are increasingly slim.”

Prince George is currently 3rd in line to the throne, while Princess Charlotte is 4th and Prince Louis 5th.

Prince Charles and Prince William are ahead of the young royals in the Royal Family’s line of succession.

In February 2021, Republicanism in the UK was polled at around 20 percent.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams has criticised Republic’s campaign to abolish the monarchy.

He told that in a normal year the Royal Family carries out thousands of royal engagements.

Mr Fitzwillaims said: “This is not an accurate summary of the current standing of the royal family, which according to YouGov is roughly where it has usually been, with only around 20 percent for republicanism, which is its usual level of support.

“In an average year, the royals carry out some 2,000 engagements each year and have over 3,000 patronages.

“These are rightly coveted.”

He added regarding the next generation of royals: “It will be some time before William and Kate’s children George, Charlotte and Louis carry out engagements but their time will come.”


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