Frugal Prince Philip wore same shoes from wedding day for 74 years


PRINCE PHILIP wore the same shoes he wore on his wedding day at functions throughout his life, and the Duke of Edinburgh kept getting them resoled, a close friend has revealed.

It was revealed to the Daily Mail by the CBI president Lord Karan Bilimoria, a close friend of Prince Philp, that the Queen’s husband had a down-to-earth attitude.

He explained how the Duke preferred a beer to more expensive wines and Champagne.

Lord Karan Bilimoria, speaking to the Daily Mail, said: “He told me once that he was wearing the shoes from the day that he got married.

“We were next to each other and tying up our laces when he told me that those were the same shoes from his wedding day.

“It was amazing.

“Who knows how many times they would have been re-soled or repaired?

“But they were the original shoes.

“They were traditional black leather shoes.

“He had had those shoes literally for more than 60 years.

“And that is because of his sentimentality.

“It was that genuineness which was ever-present.

“It just shows what a wonderful person he was.

“He showed what a wonderful husband he was too.

“He was always one step behind the Queen at functions.

“He was absolutely perfect in what he did.

“He was great support for her and was also a great leader.

The Queen on the way to the funeral of her husband today

The Queen on the way to the funeral of her husband today (Image: GETTY)

“He had it all.

“He has been the most extraordinary husband, consort, champion, supporter, and a rock to Her Majesty.

“In fact, he has been the embodiment of true service leadership.”

Lord Bilimoria, who founded Cobra Beer, exchanged letters with the Duke of Edinburgh on their shared common interests.

He spoke of the Duke of Edinburgh as someone who was “down-to-earth and genuine”.

The Duke of Edinburgh explained that he had been wearing the same shows since the day of his marriage at a Zoroastrian event with Lord Bilimoria in 2011.

Prince Philip’s funeral is taking place today, Saturday, April 17, at Windsor Castle.


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