‘F*** the Queen’: Outrage as New York vandals wreck monument day after monarch’s death


The city’s police department is appealing for information about the four suspects involved who could face jail time for their actions.

They wrote: “F*** the Queen.”

Footage showed them walking through Manhattan at 2.30am on September 9 – the day after the Queen’s passing.


New York vandals graffiti ‘f*** the Queen’ on monument day after monarch’s death. (Image: Getty/@NYPD)

The New York Police Department is now appealing for information about the four suspects.

They used a “paint marker type instrument” to deface the monument, according to the force.

This, the NYPD added, was applied to the bull’s forehead.

The graffiti has since been removed but the suspects have not been captured.

Graffiti on the New York monument

Graffiti on the New York monument. (Image: @NYPD)

Those convicted of such could be forced to serve up to a year in jail.

There is the possibility of vandals also being made to pay fines and removal costs.

The four suspects

The four suspects. (Image: @NYPD)

Elsewhere, those for whom the Queen’s passing has inspired a desire for change, not mourning, have chanted against the monarchy and, in some cases, burnt the Union flag.

In Australia, protesters this week demanded that their country withdraw from the Commonwealth while, in Parliament, an official service was held in honour of Her Majesty.

In Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra, protesters gathered – thousands in some areas, according to ABC – to demonstrate against a day of mourning announced by the Prime Minister.

Charging Bull monument

Charging Bull monument. (Image: Getty)

But the Government has insisted now is not the time to raise “questions about our constitution”.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said this period is a “time to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II” and to show “deep respect and admiration”.

He added that a referendum on the monarchy would not be held in his first term in office.


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