Eat like a royal for 65p! Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte’s favoured snack from Aldi


Fans of the Royal Family have always been fascinated by their favourite meals and daily habits, the Prince of Wales once revealed he loved curry sauce on his fish and chips, while the Princess of Wales would often prepare her husband a roast chicken which is said to be his favourite dinner.

As well as making family meals as regularly as her schedule permits, the Princess revealed that she and her daughter, Princess Charlotte share a similar palate despite their age difference.

While the family have access to personal chefs with the ability to whip up a snack or meal of top quality at the drop of a hat, the mother and daughter’s favourite snack comes from a supermarket.

The bargain snack can be purchased from Aldi for just 65 pence, meaning we can all indulge in some royal food.

Kate and Charlotte

Kate and Charlotte shared a favourite snack (Image: Getty)

Kate and William

The Duchess would often prepare William a roast chicken, which is his favourite meal (Image: Getty)

While visiting Great Ormond Street Hospital in 2018, Kate spoke to heart-transplant patient, four-year-old Rafael Chana.

The young patient told the Duchess that he enjoyed olives, a rather unusual snack for children to enjoy but Kate replied that as a child she too enjoyed them.

“I used to eat lots and lots of olives when I was little as well”, she said.

The pair also discussed their fondness for pasta, which is a staple in the Cambridge household, particularly cheesy pasta.

George, Charlotte and Louis

The Cambridge children love cheesy pasta (Image: Getty)

Cambridge family

The Duchess encourages the children to cook with her (Image: Getty)

While Prince William and Prince Harry were children, the pair enjoyed a sausage roll as an after-school snack.

Former royal chef Darren McGrady revealed that the pair enjoyed the classic British snack following their lengthy days at Ludgrove School in London.

However, while the snack itself is relatively mundane, the royal Princes enjoyed it with a twist which was part of McGrady’s secret recipe.

MyLondon reported that McGrady’s recipe differed from cheap sausage rolls which, according to the former chef, “are almost vegetarian” as he used top-quality pork meat and a special mixture of seasoning.

Darren McGrady

Mr McGrady used to be a chef for the Royal Family and has revealed their favourite foods (Image: Getty)

As well as the unique mixture of seasoning, the chef ensured that all of his sausage rolls were many with 100 percent ground pork mixed with smoked bacon.

He added sauteed onions and olive oil before adding his “special Buckingham seasoning” which has garlic, smoked paprika and juniper.

Mr McGrady also revealed that Princess Anne has an unusual breakfast of black bananas.

He told Today: “Princess Anne almost always preferred her bananas almost black – overripe – because they digest easier”.

Meanwhile, King Charles III famously skips lunch and enjoyed a hearty breakfast of seeds and fruit, according to his former press secretary.


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