Camilla vindicated as royal author slams The Crown for ‘terrible’ portrayal


Queen Consort is a hard-working royal who has nothing to do with the way she is portrayed in Netflix’s series The Crown, a royal author has said.

She said: “My reason for doing it was that I hate The Crown on Netflix because they showed her in a terrible light.

“I hated what Harry was now doing and saying about her.

“I wrote his biography [Harry: Conversations with the Prince] in 2018 and I spent 15 months with him, so I know him well. He was charming and fun then. But he’s since gone very aggressive.”

Queen Consort and Angela Levin

Angela Levin wrote the Queen Consort’s biography (Image: GETTY YOUTUBE/@Sky News Australia)

Angela Levin

Angela Levin slammed The Crown for the negative portrayal of Queen Consort (Image: YOUTUBE/@Sky News Australia)

“And I just wanted to put it on a plate and go and speak to people who were running huge charities,” Ms Levin said.

“Now, you can think that royals could go to cut a ribbon and they say: ‘how are you’ to everybody and then, they go.

“She’s absolutely not that. I heard the most extraordinary story of how she’s helped. She really tries to make a difference.

“And this has stood out during the pandemic when she felt herself that couple who were together, who didn’t get on, perhaps were having a very bad time because we couldn’t go out, we couldn’t go out to the shops except once a week.”Queen Consort

Queen Consort has been campaigner against domestic violence for years (Image: GETTY)

Queen Consort, King Charles, Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth said Camilla would receive the title of Queen Consort when Charles become King (Image: GETTY)

She said: “And I wanted to put it to people who are calling her a rottweiler and the most wicked woman on Earth – that was before she married King Charles.

“And she then really tried to help to get that. She had the idea of putting something in chemist shops with a number and a name that you could go and ask for someone – I think it was called Sue or something like that.

“And they would know you were having trouble being battered or attacked by your partner.

“And you know, positive things like that. But she’s not somebody who wants to speak out: ‘Look at me, I’m great.’ She’s not someone who really enjoys the spotlight, but she works tremendously hard behind the curtains.”

Queen Consort, Charlotte and George

Queen Consort attended the Queen’s funeral with Princess Charlotte and prince George (Image: GETTY)

A Government scheme put in place at the time allowed anyone at risk or suffering from domestic abuse to discreetly signal that they needed help at thousands of pharmacies across the UK.

In February of this year, Camilla made a trip to Voices in Bath, where she praised the charity for being a “lifeline” for survivors.

When Queen Elizabeth II said she would become Queen Consort when Charles becomes King, Camilla pledged to campaign for victims of domestic violence throughout her lifetime.


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