Bizarre Princess Diana statue showing her riding a horse on an upturned CAR set to be unveiled in Trafalgar Square


The project needs £430,000 of public donations if it is to have a chance of being made.

The five-metre-tall memorial to the Princess of Wales is planned for London‘s famous fourth plinth to be enjoyed by thousands of tourists and visitors every day.


Designs of the bizarre Princess Diana memorial statue shows her on a horse holding a mirror which appears to rest on top of an upturned car


London’s Trafalgar Square could be treated to the shocking sculpture to commemorate the 20th anniversary of her death after she died in a horrific car crash in 1997.

It features Diana riding a horse and carrying a mirror while resting on an upturned car.

Princess Di was just 36 when she died in the horrific car crash in Paris in 1997.

Danish artist Poul R. Weile is behind the ill-thought project which needs £430,000 of public donations if it is to have a chance of being made.


The mastermind behind the shocking design is Danish artist Poul R. Weile.


A close-up of the wax impression of Lady Di



It comes just months after Prince Harry said he and brother William wanted to create “something that is going to last forever” to commemorate their mother’s death.

Asked why he used an upturned car as a plinth, sculptor Mr Weile told The Sun: “Of course, some people will interpret it in that way, and that’s good.

“It’s a very complicated piece of work and it has many interpretations that you could put on it.

“Like for instance the fragility of the cars that are carrying the entirety of the statue.

“I’m trying to let the work open this door of interpretation for people, so that you can put yourself in it.

“And I try and do this literally because you can see yourself directly in the piece.”

It is thought the work will be the first piece of art of the Queen of Hearts mounted on a horse, with initial designs showing her sitting astride the proud equine.

Early designs for the piece – dubbed The People’s Princess – show her clad in a dress with her arms spread wide.

Usually only male heads of state, generals and emperors are commemorated with mounted sculptures.

There are just 36 states of women on horses in the world and sculptor Mr Weile wants to break the mould for Lady Di.

According to Mr Weile his work will represent an “active, proud, and confident woman” who is “at ease with herself, aware of her own strength and importance; a woman burning for her cause”.

The Berlin-based artist said: “I only want to put something into the world that can make people happy and make them think about who we are and what we do in this short time we are here.

“This sculpture is a monument for society, who at the moment feel lost and who have also lost their confidence in democracy, society, and in people’s goodness.

“The equestrian statue of Lady Di honours a woman who, through her active efforts, worked tirelessly to improve the lives of many challenged and underprivileged people around the world.”

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