Belgian Royal Palace denies reports of break in with ‘millions of euros’ of goods stolen


Queen Paola is the mother of the reigning King of the Belgians, Philippe, as well as the wife of Belgium’s former King, Albert II.

According to the publication, the break in occurred in Parc Monceau, a wealthy area of the city in the eighth arrondissement.

However, the newspaper later backtracked on the story saying there was “ambiguity about the identity” of the apartment.

The Belgian Royal Palace told Belgian news agency Belga that the Queen doesn’t have an apartment in that part of the French capital.

They said: “The original article from ‘Le Parisien’ that linked the theft to an apartment belonging to the Queen is therefore incorrect.”

Queen Paola

Queen Paola at a prizegiving ceremony in Brussels in June (Image: Getty Images )

Queen Paola

Queen Paola and her husband at a wedding in Brussels in September (Image: Getty Images )

According to the website Paudal, French police were alerted by a silent alarm.

Although the thieves had already left by the time the police arrived, several bits of Jewellery were found in the courtyard near the apartment.

Specialised French police officers are currently investigating the break-in attempting to find traces of fingerprints.

Tuscany born Queen Paola is the daughter of an Italian World War One flying ace Prince Ruffo di Calabria, 6th Duke of Guardia Lombarda.

Queen Paola

Queen Paola being vaccinated against covid 19 in March 2021 (Image: Getty Images )

Queen Paola

The royal couple on their wedding day in July 1959 (Image: Getty Images )

They were married in Brussels the following year and had three children – Philippe, now King, Astrid and Laurent.

Their marriage faced difficulties during the 1970s but, despite initiating divorce proceedings, the couple stayed together.

Queen Paola acted as Queen Consort and Queen of the Belgians from 1993 to 2013 while her husband reigned as Albert II.

Queen Paola

Queen Paola at her 80th birthday party in 2017 (Image: Getty Images )

In recent years she has also faced a number of health issues after being told to take a “a period of total rest” by doctors in 2015.

The following year she fractured a vertebra and suffered from a fractured femoral neck and broke her hip in 2017.

In September 2018, she had to cut a visit to Venice short die to a “health problem” and in March she was ordered to rest for two months after breaking arm in a fall.


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