BBC plans to ‘scale back’ royal coverage throws Queen’s funeral into question


QUEEN Elizabeth II funeral coverage has been thrown into doubt after the BBC reportedly decided to reduce their royal coverage due to complaints following Prince Philip’s death.

The BBC allegedly decided to “scale back” its coverage of royal events, after a record number of 109,741 compaints were made following the coverage of Prince Philip’s death. Media correspondent Neil Sean claimed the move would be a “big mistake” from the broadcaster and would not “bode well” for the Queen.

Commentator Neil Sean said: “It appears that the BBC can do no right with the British Royal Family, as we told you before on this channel, the BBC recently had to pay out £1.7million over the Bashir-Diana scandal.

“It seems a small price to pay when you consider what they did to the late Princess.

“Moving forward, it also appears that the criticism that the BBC endured at the recent funeral of His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, they’ve decided to scale back some of their news reporting on royal events.

“In my opinion, a very big mistake.

BBC decision 'doesn't bode very well' for Queen

BBC decision ‘doesn’t bode very well’ for future coverage of the Queen (Image: Getty Images)

Prince Philip's funeral took place on April 17

Prince Philip’s funeral took place on April 17 at Windsor Castle (Image: Getty Images)

“A lot of people over here are saying it doesn’t bode very well for the Queen, not in a dark way, but there are so many royal subjects over here that we like to see covered.”

Following the announcement that the Duke of Edinburgh had passed away on April 9, the BBC cleared its schedule and devoted the remainder of the day to live coverage of his death.

News programmes replaced Eastenders and Masterchef, radio schedules were changed and BBC Four was taken off the air.

BBC One and BBC Two were simultaneously broadcasting tribute programmes and news features to honour Prince Philip.

The coverage drew a record number of complaints, beating the previous record held by Jerry Springer: The Opera in 2005.

In a board meeting following the backlash, Director General Tim Davie allegedly said the coverage reflected the BBC’s position as “the national broadcaster”.

Despite this, Mr Davie reportedly said that there were “lessons to be learned” after viewing figures dipped below average.

On the day of the announcement, he is alleged to have said figures were “lower than expected” at 2.6million across BBC One and Two.

Royal events have typically drawn huge ratings for broadcasters, with Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton attracting an audience of 24.5 million.

For Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997, a record number of 32.1 million people watched the televised service, with an estimated 2 billion tuning in across the globe.

The BBC has recently encountered difficulty in their relationship with the Royal Family, after it emerged that journalist Martin Bashir had forged documents to gain the trust of Princess Diana in 1995.

This led Prince William to attack the broadcaster’s “woeful incompetence” and to state that they had “let the public down”.

As an apology, the BBC has offered to pay £1.5million to a charity of the Royal Family’s choice.


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