‘Astounding’ Harry and Meghan flying to UK ‘for big royal PR event’


MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry’s decision to fly to the UK for the Queen’s Platinum jubilee has been discussed by a royal expert.

Australian journalist Daniela Elser believes “a generous read of this situation” would be the couple’s desire to support the Queen – even if the do not appear on the famous balcony – is paramount.

But Ms Elser opined that, a “more cynical mind” might consider the Sussexes are returning to the UK to “make nice just as the biggest royal PR event in a decade rolls around”.

A spokeswoman for the Sussexes declared the couple are “excited and honoured” to attend the celebrations despite the news they will not be seen on the Buckingham Palace balcony with the Queen, 96.

Ms Elser opined that Harry and Meghan’s willingness “to sign on as supporting guest stars” is “nothing short of astounding”.

She continued: “This is Harry and Meghan being forced to accept a downgrade while the world watches on.”

Royal Family LIVE: 'Astounding' Harry and Meghan flying to UK 'for big royal PR event

Royal Family LIVE: ‘Astounding’ Harry and Meghan flying to UK ‘for big royal PR event (Image: Getty)

‘It feels odd!’ Meghan and Harry’s US fans perplexed as to why they hide children

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s US fans are perplexed as to why they choose to hide their children, Archie and Lilibet.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed their first child, son Archie in 2019 and two years later, their daughter Lilibet was born.

Since their births, both children have rarely been seen and this has led to royal fans, particularly fans in the US, feeling puzzled as to why the couple choose to hide their children from the public eye.

Speaking on the latest episode of Royally Us, host Christina Garibaldi said: “They’re [Harry and Meghan] very protective of their children, which I totally understand, but if you are gonna give us some of that, shouldn’t you give us a little bit of that”.

PR expert Lida Citreon said: “That’s where it kind of goes to, you know, you don’t get to open the box just a little bit”.

Ms Citreon added: “That’s a really tricky one, it’s tricky for business people, it’s tricky for celebrities, because authenticity doesn’t mean the same thing as transparency.

“When you give an answer to be authentic means you are being genuine, you’re giving the truth, you’re speaking from the heart, doesn’t mean I have to tell you everything about me, but keeping your children, something we attach to part of your identity, private feels odd.”

Queen delights fans with reaction to Helen Mirren’s performance at Jubilee celebration

The Queen delighted fans and viewers with her reaction to Dame Helen Mirren’s portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I at the Royal Windsor Horse Show ‘A Gallop Through History’.

The event on Sunday was the first out of a range of events lined up to celebrate the Queen’s 70th year on the throne.

The star-studded event, which included horse displays, comedy, and singing and acting performances, featured Katherine Jenkins, Tom Cruise, and Sir David Jason.

The event encapsulated the history of the monarchy from Queen Elizabeth I to Queen Elizabeth II.

In one of the introductory performances for the evening, Helen Mirren took on the role of Queen Elizabeth I, having won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in the film ‘The Queen’.

As the camera panned to the Queen, it seemed to many that the Monarch was not very amused by the performance.

However, during Dame Helen’s performance, Her Majesty had a straight face which caused fans to take to social media to express their thoughts.

@Twistpile tweeted: “She was extremely engrossed in all of it…though slightly more animated when horses were present, when some of the singing was occurring one could almost imagine her thoughts ‘yes very nice…now where have the horses gone.’”

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren played Elizabeth I (Image: Getty)

The Queen's reaction

The Queen’s reaction that made viewers laugh (Image: ITV)


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