‘All for nothing!’ Prince Harry and Meghan warned lawsuits ‘bring more harm than good’


PRINCE HARRY and Meghan Markle have been warned against the harms of further legal action as the couple file a second lawsuit against the Home Office over security provisions

“I would hope that this one would have enough meat behind it to generate a positive outcome for him.

“Otherwise, If we keep seeing all these lawsuits that just keep digging up stories, creating news headlines, creating more drama and they lose – then it’s just all for nothing.”


Prince Harry has been criticised for filing a second lawsuit against the Home Office (Image: GETTY)


Prince Harry has pushed for police protection for his family during visits to the UK (Image: GETTY)

During their time in America, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are protected by a team of personally funded private security agents.

When visiting the UK, Prince Harry has suggested his US team would not have sufficient access to intelligence information and would, therefore, not be able to offer a suitable level of security.

His tax-payer funded security within the UK was stripped after he and his wife made the decision to step back from royal life and move abroad in 2020

The latest legal challenge disputes the Government’s decision not to allow Prince Harry to pay for police protection during visits to the UK.

Harry Meghan

Protection for the Duke and Duchess was cut back after they relocated abroad (Image: GETTY)


Prince Harry has expressed he would be willing to pay for police protection himself (Image: GETTY)

The second lawsuit has been filed against the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police.

The Government has opposed Prince Harry’s suggestion of paying for police security as the highly-skilled team of Scotland Yard agents that would be required should not be seen as available for hire.

The Scotland Yard officers would have appropriate access to UK intelligence information which has been the crux of the Sussexes’ security dispute.

Government authorities have outlined that Scotland Yard security protection should not be viewed as a commodity that is available for purchase by those you can afford it.


Prince Harry has asserted visits to the UK would not be safe without ample security measures (Image: GETTY)

In her interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Duchess of Sussex explained how she had spoken with the Royal Family in an effort to prevent reductions in the UK security measures, suggesting the lawsuits have emerged from a long-term debate over security precautions.

Richard Aitch, director of operations for Mobius security said: “It’s vitally important that Prince Harry receives the right and proper protection.”

He added: “You can’t expect a poorly trained private security industry to provide anywhere near the same level of protection as the Government.”

The couple has asserted that their public profiles have not changed despite their step back from royal life and they should therefore be afforded the same security measures they were able to access during their time in the firm.


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