AGAIN?! Piers Morgan in another furious outburst at Meghan Markle – ‘Mini-Kardashian!’


MEGHAN MARKLE has been branded a “self-obsessed’ Kardashian by TV host Piers Morgan in a new TMZ documentary

The Good Morning Britain presenter appeared on ‘Harry & Meghan: The Royals In Crisis’ to provide further comments about the “woke” American actress. Piers is a well-known critic of Meghan Markle, and often takes to his Twitter account to share his feelings on the Duchess. He certainly did not hold back any punches this time, as he declared the Sussexes departure, the “beginning of the end of the monarchy.”

Piers challenged claims that Meghan is aiming to become a “Diana” like figure.

“If Meghan Markle thinks she is going to emerge from this as some kind of Princess Diana figure, she needs to think again.”

“She’s going to end up like a mini royal Kim Kardashian with all the ignominy that goes with that title.

“Already you are seeing a big backlash in Britain and the rest of the world really sees what it is, which is a power grab by two ego-mad, self-obsessed, virtue signalling ‘progressive’ young people who basically stamped their feet and the Queen rolled over.”

piers morgan

Piers Morgan has appeared on a new documentary to rant about Meghan Markle (Image: TMZ•GETTY)


Piers challenged claims that Meghan is aiming to become a “Diana” like figure. (Image: GETTY)

The former editor at News of The World has previously dismissed allegations that Meghan is a victim of racism from the media.

On Good Morning Britain last week, he said: “Meghan Markle’s had exactly the same level of treatment as someone like Kate Middleton, for example. Good and bad in equal measures.”

“If you’re a member of the royal family, you get acres of press coverage. I would say 70% of the Meghan coverage has been positive, 30% has been negative.

“And she just doesn’t like the negative stuff. It’s got nothing to do with her skin colour, nothing to do with her gender. It’s just they’ve done stuff that the public and the media reflect British public opinion most of the time, thought was wrong.”


Before he was cut off by Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy, who shot back: “If you don’t mind me saying, how on earth would you know?

“As someone who’s never had to deal with ingrained prejudice, you’re not in a position to understand people who have.

“And I think there were a lot of people who signed that letter who have.”

In the TMZ documentary Piers also maintained that the move to Canada is all about Meghan seeking out fame and fortune.


In the documentary Piers also maintained that the move to Canada is about Meghan seeking fame. (Image: TMZ)

samantha markle

Meghan’s sister, Samantha Markle, gave a tell-all interview on Australian radio. (Image: ITV)

The journalist said that it is evident Meghan and Harry want to “have their cake and eat it.”

He continued: “This is all about making Meghan the big star and it doesn’t matter what it costs.

“The Queen has given them license to go off and have their cake and eat it and I think she is going to eat more cake than we’ve seen since Marie Antoinette.”

The further humiliation for the couple comes after Meghan’s sister gave a tell-all interview on Australian radio.

Samantha Markle claimed that the reason the public has not warmed to Meghan is because of the couple’s extravagant spending, including Meghan’s baby shower that cost $75,000 a night at a luxury New York hotel, where she celebrated amongst her A-list friends.

“When their behaviour came to illicit an angry or a controversial public response, then it became a little bit stressful for them,” Samantha said.

“Clearly there were some things that happened because the public’s not stupid.

“They were witnessing some things that they didn’t think were so cool and she didn’t step up to the plate and fix them.


Meghan is currently estranged from her fathers side of the family (Image: GETTY)

“That includes family, that includes public spending, there was a lot that happened that was attributable to behaviour.

“It wasn’t about racism, it was about ‘hey you guys aren’t being cool step up to the plate and fix it’.”

Samantha has been estranged from Meghan for years believes there is no chance she will be able to reunite with her sister.

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