Where To Keep Up With Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle On Social Media


The British royal family does have its official social media accounts, but only a certain few members are allowed to have their individual accounts. Get to know which royals have their personal accounts and where to keep up with all the royal family members on social media.

The Working Royals

Those who are of highest royal status (Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William and Duchess Kate, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, etc.) are considered as “working” royals. Working royals are those who perform official royal duties or make public appearances on behalf of the royal family.

The reason they can’t open their own personal social media is to maintain their image and the image of the royal family. They must always keep up the most prestigious image to the public. Owning social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter then posting anything without the approval of Kensington Palace could mean potential trouble for the family.

The Non-working Royals

Royals like Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice and their parents, Duke Andrew of York and Sarah Ferguson, have their own social media accounts. Eugenie has a verified Instagram account, Beatrice has an official Twitter account, while the Duke of York and Sarah have both Twitter and Instagram.

They can open their own personal accounts because they are not “working” royals. Only working royals are listed in the royals’ official website. In terms of status, they are not required to perform official royal duties as the Queen and her family do. It’s not necessary for them to follow specific royal rules, and they can essentially do anything they please as long it keeps up with their image. Since they’re not listed in the royals’ official website, they’re free to post pictures whenever they want.

The Royal Family’s Social Media Accounts

The royal family has official Twitter and Instagram accounts with the same username handles. For all the working royals, visit @RoyalFamily on Twitter and @TheRoyalFamily on Instagram.