‘There’s a choice’: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would let Prince George leave royal life


‘There’s a choice’: Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would let Prince George leave royal life, says child psychologist.

Prince George will have a choice in whether he becomes king or not.

That’s according to leading child psychologist Emma Kenny, who spoke to Yahoo UKabout how the pressure of being a Windsor is affecting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s oldest son.

George, who turns five on July 22, will be “brought up with a dialogue” about his birth right, says Kenny. Despite being third-in-line to the throne, Kenny believes he’ll be able to decide whether royal life is for him.

And that’s all thanks to his progressive parents, she says.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will let Prince George decide his future, says leading child psychologist Emma Kenny [Photo: Getty]

“I think [William and Kate] are the kind of parents that will say, ‘If this isn’t for you, then there’s a choice.’ And I genuinely believe that,” Kenny tells Kate Thornton, during episode three of ‘The Royal Box’.

“I’m sure he will do down the traditional route [and become king] but I do think they would never take away his autonomy,” Kenny continues.

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“There has been a whole generation within the royals at this age, now, the younger generation, that’s born of autonomy and choice. And whilst some accept it, I don’t think that necessarily will be the case for ever. I think tradition has changed.”

Prince George, pictured during a royal tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2014, has been in the spotlight since birth and been photographed by the world’s media numerous times [Photo: Getty]
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